Cabin Max Metz Ryanair Backpack Review

Summary: The Cabin Max Metz Backpack is the right size for budget airlines, and is designed as a light-weight option for maximizing your carry-on luggage in the lower price bracket. It is 40x 20x 25cms, which fits the criteria for Ryanair, EasyJet and others. There are several compartments, each with separate zip access. The Cabin Max backpack is not only the best seller in this category, it is one of the best-selling pieces of luggage of all. Check out the gallery for closed and open pics and see the latest discount offer on this dedicated product page.

Cabin Max Ryanair Cabin Bags 40x20x25 Underseat Backpack for Travelling (Metz 20L Hand Luggage Carry-ons RPET Recycled Polyester) (Luggage)

Cabin Max Ryanair Cabin Bags 40x20x25 Underseat Backpack for Travelling (Metz 20L Hand Luggage Carry-ons RPET Recycled Polyester) (Luggage)

The Metz stowaway is perfectly sized to comply with Ryanair’s new “free” carry on luggage underseat cabin bag size 40x20x25 cm, with a 20 litre capacity and a weight of just .. more

Detailed Review of the Cabin Max Backpack Approved Carry-On Bag

This carry on sized backpack has a capacity of 20 litres, which is high for a bag of this size. The extra capacity comes from the lightweight build, and not having dead space in the design. Dimensions fit the guidelines of all the airlines for carry-on luggage (even strict ones like Ryanair and EasyJet). This is 40cm x 20cm x25cm. It is compact enough to fit in front of the seat in front of you on the plane – and of course will fit in the overhead lockers.

What surprised me about the Cabin Max backpack is the weight. This is just 500 grams in total. It is made of coated polyester, which will resist splashes / the odd rain shower – though is not completely waterproof.

Inside View Cabin Max MetzColour Options

You’ll get to choose from a lot of different colour options. Some of the options have designs like a world map on them – or a collection of flags. There are 35 different combos, you can see big versions of each picture by scrolling over them on the product page. Note that only the initial picture (the black one) shows a gallery with the inside views.

There are zipped main compartments, accessed separately from the outside. There are also internal compartments, two of them are zipped, and pocket space too. Finally, you get padded shoulder straps for comfortable carrying.

Feedback for Cabin Max Backpack Ryanair

What Previous Buyers Said About this Cabin Max Luggage?

Overall the comments are hugely positive. With more than 2800 comments at the time of writing, any major issues would be well and truly out in the open by now.

One theme which appeared, is that some people went back to buy more of these cabin bags after their had their first one. Other positives include people that are surprised that the overall carrying capacity is bigger than they expected. There have been no issues with size and airlines stopping this bag from going onboard.

Checking the negatives, there are a few people commenting that the quality was not what they expected. For this price point, I’m really not sure what they might have been expecting – especially since other commenters thought the quality was good. There are also some 1-star ratings for damaged goods. This is completely fair, though only a tiny percentage of the total. These bags have a 3 year guarantee.

Wrap Up: How Does the Ryanair / EasyJet Safe Backpack from Cabin Max Compare?

This is a great solution for approved cabin luggage with a decent carrying capacity and several compartments. Being approved by some of the ‘strictest’ airlines out there gives you peace of mind when you travel.

For many people, the choice of designs, and low price point are also attractive. At the time of writing this review there was a good discount at too.

Check out that gallery, discount and buyer feedback for yourself now on this dedicated product page!

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