Aerolite Pink Ryanair Hand Luggage Bag Review

Summary: This pink Ryanair hand luggage compatible bag from Aerolite ticks all the right boxes. It is basic, sturdy and gets the job done at the right price. If you are looking for some head-turning, multi-featured flashy hand luggage – then this won’t do it. If you want a lightweight bag that looks good, holds 14 litres and has been tested by buyers as Ryanair (and so all low-cost carriers) compatible, then this bag is right for you.

There is a close-up gallery available on this page over at – as well as the latest feedback from buyers.

Detailed Review of the Aerolite Pink Ryanair Hand Luggage Holdall Bag

You have 2 colour choices for this design. The most striking one is bright pink, with black flat studded feet and silver zips. The other one is a red colour, which is more subtle than its pink companion.

These bags are 35cm x 20cm x20cm – just under the dimensions advertised by Ryanair. This means you can stuff it a little and not worry about getting charged more. Ryanair are known as the strictest when it comes to hand luggage sizes. When you see ‘Ryanair Compatible’, you can assume that this works for all the low-cost carriers without any problems.

With a 14-litre capacity, this bag does the job for a weekend away in most cases. Any longer, and you’ll need a checked in bag. It is made of sturdy nylon. If you have bought Aerolite bags before, you’ll already know the quality is decent considering the low price.

Ryanair bags from Aerolite

Handles and Zips on the Pink Aerolite Ryanair Hand Luggage

There are two sets of handles – unusual for a low-priced cabin bag like this one. One is an adjustable shoulder strap. This comes with a padded handle. The other straps are smaller. You can use these to carry it like a handbag, or to loop over the extendable poles of your main spinner case (so you won’t need to manage two at once).

You get 2 zipped compartments. One is a side pocket – ideal for passports, tickets etc. The zip for the main compartment comes with a padlock and 2 keys. This is small padlock, which holds together the zip heads to deter any casual thefts.

The other notable feature are the studs on the bottom. These are stubby black plastic things, which keep the bag off of the floor just enough to help keep it clean while you travel.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Aerolite Pink Ryanair Travel Holdall?

With the low price, I was expecting ‘mixed’ feedback for this bag. Wrong. The feedback is very positive – even among the harsh critics of the travel area.

Reoccurring words and phrases included the world ‘simple’, ‘gets the job done’ and ‘decent quality for the price’. The only negatives I found involved one broken lock and some damage to the material. While it is never ideal, Aerolite take things back with no fuss, either replacing or refunding.

Feedback states that these bags are Ryanair-friendly. This means they will count as your ‘extra small bag’ if you are flying with a flag-carrier type airline.

Wrapping Up: How Does the Aerolite Pink Ryanair Hand Luggage Holdall Compare?

For a basic bag, in a bright pink or more subdued red, which will get the job done – this is a bargain.

It has two pockets, two sets of straps and a locking main section. With no extra padding or compartments inside, this is not a flashy bag. What it will do is get up to 14 litres of packing from A to B with no extra charges and no risk of the bag falling apart.

Aerolite are masters at this ‘stylish basics’ end of the luggage market – and this Pink Ryanair travel holdall is a great example of what they do.

Check out the full gallery and the latest feedback now on this dedicated product page.

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