What to Pack for Las Vegas

The Ultimate Las Vegas Packing Guide

As I am sure Luggage Review readers know, attention to the small details of packing can make a big difference when it comes to your holidays. Millions of us hit the casino resorts of Las Vegas every year. Some go for conferences, others to party and some to gamble. Whatever the primary reason, most end up doing a mix of all three.

Las Vegas is in the desert, and the dryness of the air (as well as the heat) can be a surprise. This is made complicated by the icy air conditioning inside the resorts.

Before you head off to the city of sin, make sure you have packed for success.

10 Things to Pack for a Successful Vegas Trip

#1 – Bulldog Clips

I’ll hit you with a strange one right off the bat. These clips don’t make most people’s packing lists anywhere in the world! One thing that Las Vegas has in spades is bright sunshine. While there are blackout curtains in most casino resorts, they are often not as blacked out as you would like.

This is where the bulldog clips come in. You can close that tiny gap between the curtains with them. It might seem like a small thing now, only that needle of super-bright light can be very annoying.

#2 – A Money Belt

You’ll have more cash in Vegas than in most other situations. While the casinos are safe places (all videotaped too!), it is never a good idea to have too much money on display. Money belts which you wear under your regular clothes are a simple solution. Even if you don’t expect to be taking too much cash with you at the start – it never hurts to plan for that big win. See #9 below if you are extra-optimistic.

#3 – Decongestant Nasal Spray

Not only is the Nevada desert hot, it is dry too. It really hits you how dry the place is after a couple of days… Your nose will dry up, and may even get blocked. A spray for your nose, the type with menthol (or stronger if you prefer!) will be a big help. A dry nose will not spoil your holiday, it is so easy to solve – that a bit of packing can prevent any issues.

#4 – Hand Sanitizing Gel

You might well be handling casino chips. You will not be alone; those chips could have been through the hands of 10’s of people in a single day… collecting who knows what kind of germs and microbes! Many people pack a simple hand sanitiser regularly, if not then LV is the right place to get into the habit. You can use it before eating, after handling chips and in other public areas.

#5 – Hiking Shoes / Boots

If you do not take a trip out of the city into the spectacular countryside of Nevada, then you are missing out. Nearby trails include the beautiful Red Rock canyon. You do not necessarily need pro-level hiking gear, though a pair of sturdy shoes can’t hurt. If you walk the strip in your ‘going out’ shoes, having something comfortable as a backup can be very welcome.

Pack Boots for a Red Rock Trip

#6 – Sun Tan Lotion

Whether you spend time at the pool, an open-air bar, or simply walk up and down the Strip – you’ll need to apply sun tan lotion. That sun will be scorching, and the wind will be dry. Make sure you reapply regularly!

#7 – Strategy Cards for Your Favourite Games

You do not need to be a hardened gambler to enjoy the tables in Las Vegas. Games start low, and novices are very welcome. Many people do not realise that you can find ‘strategy cards’ for popular games like Blackjack. These show the correct play, simply by cross referencing your cards with what the dealer shows. They prevent you making ‘silly’ mistakes, making the games more enjoyable. You can print these off before you travel.

#8 – Your Best Shirt / Dress

Las Vegas has some world class nightclubs. At the weekends, you’ll see a parade of partiers heading for the likes of Omnia, Hakkassan and Drais. If you want to get past security, you’ll need to look the part. All ages are welcome, though everyone is expected to dress for the occasion. For the ladies the standard is a little black dress, while the guys are expected to wear a suit and trousers.

Packing for Vegas

#9 – Your Bank Wiring Details

This one is for the optimistic out there. If you hit a big jackpot type win on any of the slots, then you’ll have a ‘nice problem’. You will not be able to take too much money through customs. I like to print off the writing details of my bank account (IBAN / SWIFT etc) and have these ready in my wallet. I have yet to use this, though hey – you never know!

#10 – An Extra Suitcase

As well as the food, drink, clubs and gambling – Las Vegas has world-class shopping. There are two huge outlet centres (I recommend the one to the North of the Strip), the Fashion Show Mall, the Forum Shops, Miracle Mile and many more smaller (and more upscale) malls too. You can pick up some real bargains with the money you win at the tables. If you are not capable of filling a whole new suitcase – I recommend that you at least leave some gaps in your regular one!

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