MountFlow Travel Moneybelt Review

Mark’s Update: Well well, this travel money belt disappeared into thin air. My money is on this one from Amazon Basics undercutting them… it has RFID blocking, a neutral colour scheme and comes at a bargain basement price point. Check it out now!

Amazon Basics RFID Travel Money Belt, One Size, Khaki (Luggage)

Amazon Basics RFID Travel Money Belt, One Size, Khaki (Luggage)

Gets the job done at a fraction of this branded price, this RFID blocking belt comes from Amazon Basics…  more

Summary: The peace of mind you’ll get travelling with a money belt is worth every penny. You might think that under-clothes travel money belts are much of a muchness. If this is you, then I recommend checking out the full spec (and buyer comments) for this money belt from MountFlow. It is made of breathable material, soft against the skin, has multiple compartments and even protects against RFID (contactless) card type thefts. It comes in black or beige. Plenty of buyers say that, after use, they would recommend this item.

Check out the gallery and impressive list of features for yourself on this dedicated product page.

Detailed Review of the MountFlow Travel Money Belt

What you’ll receive is a flat oval shaped pouch, which is designed to be worn discreetly under your clothes. It has an adjustable strap (much like a bag strap) that you wrap around your waist. This clips using a plastic key, which you squeeze to release. The key is at the front, making it difficult for anyone to unclip without your being fully aware.

It is 37cms wide (at the widest points of the oval), 37cms high and 2mm thick before you put your passport, cash and cards into it. The whole thing weighs only 60 grams. This is a great side for wearing over your stomach. If you are very small, it might feel bulky – for anyone average size, this is spot on.

The material is breathable. This makes a big difference to the comfort levels. You might have it against your skin for many hours. Breathable material and ergonomic design comfort levels are certainly borne out in the comments from previous buyers.

This travel money belt is also waterproof.

Pockets and Security Features

There are 3 separate pockets, making it easier to organize your documents. Many money belts only have a single big pocket, which gives this MountFlow model a boost.

Zips are designed with big loops (eyes) at the ends. This means you can connect them with a small padlock or combination lock. You will need to buy that separately.

A new scam around the world is to use RFID technology, which allows touchless payments – to take money from people in crowds. This travel belt has material which blocks this, to ensure that Paypass or any other system can’t be abused.

This belt is a great place to store your passport, cash and cards all in one place. Many people also use it to store jewellery and even small electronic devices.

Money Belt from MountFlow

What Previous Buyers Said About the MountFlow Travel Money Belt

The lack of negative feedback from previous buyers is glaringly obvious. One concerned mum said that the zip broke while her son was in India with it. I hope she also texts him to make sure he washes his socks, cleans behind his ears – and it tucked into bed at a reasonable time each night!

Comfort came up in a lot of the regular comments. The size also got a few mentions. This belt is bigger than many people expect. Only one small person complained it was too big, though still gave 4 stars.

At the time of writing this belt has a very positive 4.8 stars out of 5. The peace of mind aspect, as well as the comfort, really do shine through.

Wrapping Up: Travel Money Belt

Compared to the ‘price’ of having our documents / passports or money stolen, this travel accessory is a steal. If you want to keep your things safe, then numbers #1 and #2 on the list are comfort and security. This under clothes travel money belt has both – and the feedback from 100’s of buyers really could not be more positive.

Check out the full gallery and comments for yourself now!

MountFlow Travel Money Belt Page

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