BRITBAG Suitcases Review from IT Luggage

Mark’s Summary: My first instinct on seeing the new BRITBAG suitcases from IT Luggage was to double check I was with the right brand. You see, IT are better known for their super-light suitcases, with distinctive lines, wide handles and (mostly) muted colour palettes.

BRITBAG suitcases are completely different. They instantly bring thoughts of flight cases for musical instruments, with ridges, sharp angles, and a rough, rugged look.

There are two versions of the BRITBAG cases, these are called Annamite and Shielding – I have covered both on this page, alongside the size, colour, and key features.

See the impressive picture gallery and get the latest prices for these striking new suitcases now – on the BRITBAG page at the official UK IT luggage website.

Shielding Britbag

BRITBAG Suitcases

Rugged, bold and durable - Britbags have 2 styles, five colours and IT Luggage quality...
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Detailed Review of the BRITBAG Suitcases: Sizes and Colour Options

I have started with the size and colour options, plus the key design elements which make these unique suitcases stand out.


Ridges along the angled edges make the Annamite BRITBAG luggage different to anything you’ll find. The big ‘Britbag’ (not capital letters, which IT luggage use elsewhere) also stands out.

There are three sizes, and three designs.

Here are the sizes:

  • Large: 80.5cm x 55cm z 34cm, 5.24kgs, 159 litre capacity when expanded.
  • Medium Plus: 70.5cm x 48cm x 30cm, 4.23kgs, 107 litre capacity when expanded.
  • Cabin: 55cm x 36cm x 24cm, 3.13kgs, 47 litre capacity when expanded.

Note that buying a set of all three gets you a discount via the official IT Luggage UK site.

There are three colour schemes. I recommend you check out the impressive professionally shot gallery at IT Luggage – my thumbnails below will give you an idea!

  • Dark Grey
  • Duplo Geo, Moss (abstract camouflage design)
  • Duplo Geo, Skin (red, mix of odd shapes, looks like it belongs in the Tate Modern)

Design options for IT Luggage Britbag


This one is my favourite of the two designs. IT Luggage have removed the ridges, replacing them with curved areas which stand out from the main case. This gives a tough, rugged overall look – though in a calmer way than with the ANNAMITE version.

Here are the sizes:

  • Large: 79.5cm x 55.6cm x 34.5cm, 4.64kgs, 161 litre capacity when expanded.
  • Medium Plus: 69.6cm x 48.5cm x 30.5cm, 4kgs, 108 litre capacity when expanded.
  • Cabin: 54cm x 36.6cm x 25cm, 2.85kgs, 48 litre capacity when expanded.

Just two-colour options for the SHIELDING cases. These are a serene ‘Blissful Blue’ (which I felt works well with the style) and a black. Note the orange / yellow wheels really do stand out on the black version.

Again, the IT Luggage official site has an excellent picture gallery that includes close-ups.

Outside Features of the New BRITBAG Suitcase Range

Looking beyond the style, IT Luggage has included clever design features in this new range. Let’s start with the construction, which is ABS plus polypropylene. That’s a tough combination, which IT are happy to back up with a 10-year warranty. These cases have shields on the side, which you can see clearly as the black nodules on the blue version.

Each case has doubled spinner wheels (8 wheels in total) which are the standard IT Luggage design. They let you effortlessly push your case through the airport. On carpets I recommend titling your Britbags using the telescoping handle and pulling them along instead.

As well as the telescoping handle, you get regular handles on the top and the side – great for putting your cases onto the luggage rack at the airport and for storing them away later.

IT Luggage inside view of a new BritbagLined Inside with Standard Open / Closed Sections

Before I get to the setup, you should check out the lining of the Duplo Geo Annamite variation… to say these contrast with the exterior is a huge understatement!

BRITBAG luggage has the clamshell setup, giving you two equal sections. One is closed, with a zip going around three sides to open. There is a mesh pocket and compartments (depending on which version you go for) on this cover.

The other side is open, with an elasticated strap to hold things in place.

While there is nothing special to write about for the inside of these cases, they will certainly get the job done.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About IT Luggage BRITBAG Cases

These are new, so no time for people to take them on multiple trips yet. I’m anticipating excellent durability – based on the spec and rugged design.

Overall, IT get solid reviews year-after-year. Keep in mind these are not expensive suitcases (Samsonite for example are 4x as costly). When you compare the star-ratings at different retail outlets to the price, these are ‘sweet spot’ worthy for me.

I have made a note to return to this page in a few months to provide some more detailed buyer feedback.

Shielding Britbag

Wrapping Up: Are the New Britbag Suitcases from IT Luggage Right for You?

It’s all about the design for these new IT luggage cases.

If you love the rugged looks, or simply got bored with the mundane plain old suitcase designs – then there is nothing in the spec, quality or colour options that should stop you buying.

These cases are designed to last, with a build that should see them surviving even the roughest airport handling.

Check out the impressive gallery – along with the latest prices – now, over at the BRITBAG section of the official UK IT Luggage site.


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