Kipling Cyrah Suitcase Review

Summary: You’d expect top quality from Kipling with their stylish Cyrah suitcase range. What you get with these soft-shelled spinners are innovations on both the inside and the outside. Along with the usual retractable handle, four any-direction wheels and TSA lock, you get extra handles and carry straps. Open it up and there are meshed compartments – no need to buy any extra packing cubes for these cases.

Update: Kipling replaced the Cyrah cases with the updated Teagan – check them out!

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Kipling TEAGAN M, Medium Soft Case 2 Wheels Luggage, 66 cm, 74 L, 3.1 kg, Black Noir (Shoes)

Kipling TEAGAN M, Medium Soft Case 2 Wheels Luggage, 66 cm, 74 L, 3.1 kg, Black Noir (Shoes)

Combine three main and three functional compartments with the quality Kipling designs… see more.

Detailed Review of the Kipling Cyrah L Suitcase

I’m reviewing the ‘True Navy’ version of the Cyrah cases. You will also find a ‘True Black’ version, and a quirky ‘Tile Print’. The Large version is 79cm tall, 40.5cms wide and 37cms deep. It is a reasonable 4.5kgs. Not exactly super-light, though firmly mid-range for soft-shelled check in luggage.

It has plenty of carrying capacity. When you make the best use of all the pockets and compartments, this case has a solid 101 litre total capacity. It is made of soft synthetic material, which is plenty durable enough for regular travellers and will wipe clean.

What stands out for me are the crossed straps across the front. One minor niggle with spinners in general is that they are hard to handle when you are not rolling them. This gets around that, giving you the option to use those padded handles and straps for moving the case.

Spinner wheels move in all directions. This gives you the choice of pushing, pulling, or tilting your case onto two wheels like the old-school wheeled cases.

Inside View Kipling Syrah Case

Outside Zipped Compartment

Many check in spinner cases need to be fully opened before you can use them. Kipling have added a zipped outside pocket to their Cyrah luggage range. This is at the top of the front, with a double zip. It is big enough for anything you might need quickly while travelling, a great place to store those documents.

Completing the outside, you get a double zip to fully open the case. This comes with a TSA lock, which is always a plus for anyone thinking of a US trip. The telescoping pull along handle fits snugly into the top. You can push a button to release and adjust the height.

Inside of the Kipling Cyrah L Suitcases

The inside certainly stands out from the crowd. It has one main deep compartment, rather than two equal size halves. This is lined with a nylon cover featuring a distinctive geometric design. There are straps to hold everything in place.

It is the slimmer top section which marks the Cyrah as unusual. This is split into two equal sized square pockets, each with a mesh cover and is brilliant for keeping things organised.

Feedback: What Owners of the Kipling Cyrah Suitcases Said?

You will see on various retail sites that Kipling are the type of brand that attract long-term fans. This case is no exception, with a lot of positive comments. For the Cyrah, the pockets inside got the most love… no surprise for me, they hit the spot for anyone that likes to keep things neat and tidy (while having a big separate compartment for all those clothes).

A couple of quality issues were reported, though all under warranty. Wheel issues are rare with Kipling cases in my experience – though they do happen sometimes.

Overall, feedback backs up what always appears for this brand… quality products which are great value for the mid-range price. I do recommend checking the latest comments, you never know when things change with luggage.

Wrapping Up: Is the Kipling Cyrah Suitcase Right for You?

If you have bought Kipling luggage before, then you might already be one of their army of super-fans. If not, then I believe that the Cyrah is a great introduction. It is stylish, yet not brash, and is built with the quality and attention to detail you would expect from the Kipling brand.

While the outside pockets, wheels and handles work great – it is the inside of this case that makes it so popular. Two separate meshed pockets, plus a deep compartment clothes is as close to the perfect balance as I have seen recently.

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