Kipling Youri Spin Cases Review

Summary: Youri Spin is a range of wheeled soft-shell cases from the popular Kipling. These bags come in 3 sized (hand luggage, medium and large). They have a lot of handy compartments on the front. As with all Kipling cases, you’ll get the cool monkey keyring too!

Youri Spin cases come in a lot of different colours and striking designs. These range from the elegant and understated black ones – to the completely over the top shiny (chrome style) ‘Metallic Pewter’.

See the full range of fun styles, sizes and that all-important zoom-in for the pictures over on this dedicated product page now!

Kipling Youri Spin 55, Hand Luggage, 55 cm, 33 Litres, Blue (True Navy) (Luggage)

Kipling Youri Spin 55, Hand Luggage, 55 cm, 33 Litres, Blue (True Navy) (Luggage)

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Detailed Review of the Kipling Youri Spin Wheeled Suitcases

You’ll get an elegant soft-shelled case with 4 wheels and a multi-stop extendible handle. Kipling made robust soft-shelled cases, and the Youri Spin cases are 100% polyamide. Feedback from buyers certainly bears out that these cases are well put together.

There are 3 sizes available, with the following dimensions and capacity:

  • Small: 55x23x35cms, 33 litres, just under 3kgs. This is ok for EasyJet / BA and other major carriers.
  • Medium: 68x33x42cms, 71 litres, just under 3kgs.
  • Large: 87×33.5x49cms, 99 litres, 4.4kgs

When it comes to designs, there is something to suit the most outgoing members of the family. Those of us who are more traditional when it comes to luggage are served too! You can get a smart black, scaled (as in snakeskin effect) black, lacquer blue, cherry pink, metallic pewter and even a design with small flowers. This is just a representative sample. You can see the full range of designs on the dedicated product page at

Kipling Youri Inside

Unique Features of the Kipling Youri Spin Cases

Extra pockets and compartments at the front are the stand out feature. There are 3 of these, two bigger ones with double zippers, and a single smaller one. These come into their own going to the airport (for example). Don’t forget to remove that passport before you check the bag in though!

You’ll already know about the monkeys if you are a fan of Kipling bags. You get a cute ape on a keychain, which is attached to the bag. This will match the colour / design that you buy.

The main compartment has a regular 3-digit combination lock. This is higher up the side of the case than for many luggage brands. A nicely thought through touch,

All spinners have telescopic handles. This one has several stops (for different sized people / situations). The wheels are small, and allow the case to spin around 360 degrees. Finally, for the features, there is a side handle, so you can carry this spinner like an old-school suitcase if you wish!

What Previous Buyers Said About the Kipling Youri Spin Cases?

FeedbackI am surprised to see no negative feedback (at the time of writing at least) in the comments on the amazon page. This case seems to have delighted most buyers, with only some very small reservations. Those concerned the weight. This is not an exceptionally heavy case, though compared to many of today’s ‘ultra-light’ cases, it is on the heavier side.

The pockets came in for individual praise. Colours and design also caught the attention of many people who left reviews.

Make sure you check out the feedback on the Kipling Youri Spinner before you buy.

Wrap Up: Will You Go ‘Ape’ For the Kipling Youri Spin Cases?

If the matching monkey keyring is not the best extra in the world of luggage, I’m not sure what is!

Back to practical matters. Youri Spin stand out from other soft-shell spinners for great looks, and for extra pockets. You can choose from elegant (black) to the most garish designs (Metallic Pewter). These are robust cases, which are constructed to last. While not the lightest, they are no heavier than many options out there.

Check out the colours and zoom in on the pockets / interior now on this dedicated product page.

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