Kipling Darcey Spinner Review

Summary: There is a lot to like about this hand luggage sized spinner from Kipling. The ‘Darcey’ is soft cover, stylish and practical. The main difference from other spinners is the zipped front pocket. This saves needing to set down and open your case when fishing around for important documents. As you’d expect from Kipling, the insides are fully lines and small details like the nicely padded handle are taken care of. This is a quality case for the price – and does sometimes come with a healthy discount at the Kipling store.

Check out this dedicated product page for the inside + outside pictures.

Kipling DARCEY Hand Luggage, 55 cm, 30 Litres, Blue (Blue Bleu) (Luggage)

Kipling DARCEY Hand Luggage, 55 cm, 30 Litres, Blue (Blue Bleu) (Luggage)

Aside from the two main compartments, you also have a front pocket and a functional compartment for your toiletries and essentials….more

Detailed Review of the Kipling Darcey 30 Litre Spinner Hand Luggage

When you check out the designs, you’ll find a smart yet not ‘out there’ selection of styles. Kipling seem to understand that unique does not need to mean garish or crazy… the designs include a black case, ‘True Blue’, an earthy coloured one and a brighter pewter design (which I thought works well). For those who are just a little more adventurous, you can get one with flowers, monkeys or an abstract water effect. These do a great job of being different without being daft – check out the designs on the linked product page.

There are two things you’ll immediately notice when you unpack your Kipling Darcey. The first is the handle. This is the fabric handle attached to the case, I’ll come to the telescopic pulling handle later. This is attached to the sides of the case, arching right over the top. These is also a separate zip about 1/3rd of the way down the front. This gives you access to a reasonably big compartment. Storing your book, documents and any electronics you need quick access to when flying in here makes travelling a lot easier.

This case weighs in at a reasonable 2.4kgs. It is 55cm x 35cm x 20cm and can carry 30 litres.

Inside View Kipling Darcey

Padded Insides

With a quality brand like Kipling, you’d expect quality materials. What suprises some buyers is that this applies to the inside too. The smart polyester lining has a strap on the top side. This ensures that your clothes don’t fall out whenever you open it.

Other features include lockable zips (holes or ‘eyes’ are big enough for a padlock of combination lock). Finally, those Kipling flexible spinning wheels are tough. They can point in any direction, meaning you’ll push this case just as easily as pulling it.

Feedback for the Kipling Darcey Spinner

What Previous Buyers of the Kipling Darcey Spinner Said?

At the time of writing, this case did not have a single negative review.

If you already know Kipling, then it will not come as a big surprise that the word ‘Quality’ repeats in a lot of different comments. This is boosted by several buyers mentioning that the front pocket came in really handy. If you have ever needed to set your case down and fully open it just to retrieve something small, I am sure you will understand this sentiment.

Finally, other comments single out both the design and the build quality.

Wrapping Up: The Kipling Darcey Carry-On Spinner

You’ll see that this one is smart right away. When you dig into the details, you’ll find that famous Kipling quality comes up over and over. There are some different designs, with a popular ‘Funky Monkey’ option complimenting the more standard designs.

It is not just about good looks. Having that front pocket is very useful when traveling. This is a well put together case and should last you for a long time to come.

Check out those designs and the (rare) hugely positive comments from previous buyers on this dedicated product page.

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