British Airways Double Tier Points Promo

It’s all my own fault, on February the 8th, my tier points reset to zero – and my One World Silver status will lapse.

I dropped the ball.

Offers came in from different airlines early last year. No problem with taking advantage of them. The mistake was assuming that I’d be able to catch up with more BA / AA flights later. Nope. Life got in the way and here we are, back to bronze until I get 600 tier points.

There is a silver lining (is there a pun here?) to this story – I just booked a quick break that will get me and my wonderful wife halfway back to Silver in one go.

This takes advantage of the ongoing 2024 British Airways promotion, where you get double tier points by combining flights with 5+ nights in a hotel or 5+ days of car hire.

By combining this with an 80-point route to Malta in Club Europe and a decent value-end hotel, we will get 320 tier points each for £700 + 100k Avios. Oh, and a refreshing break from the British winter in Malta too.

Add the 180 tier points for our upcoming Premium Economy flight to LA and that’s just 100 tier points needed.

While the lounges make travelling so much better, it’s the seat selection on booking that I’d miss the most. It genuinely feels like inflation has run wild for the decent seats recently…

80 tier points in business to Malta

How Does the Double Tier Points BA Holidays Offer Work?

You’ll need to book direct through BA to take advantage of their double tier points promotion.

Start at their BA Holidays page and find a combination of flight and either hotel or car hire that works for you. Prices are displayed for each month, and the cheapest travel dates are highlighted. Despite the notoriously clunky / unstable BA website, I found navigating and booking simple. Expect the usual upsells (along with room type selection) as you go through the booking process.

Here are the rules:

  • Flight + Five nights minimum hotel booking.
  • Flight + Five full days of car hire
  • You must stay in the hotel or take the car to qualify.

The regular tier points will be awarded right after your flight as usual, with the extra ones appearing after two weeks. Keep this in mind if you are close to your collection year-end.

Taking advantage of the double tier points promotion at British Airways

Taking Advantage of the Double Tier Points Promotion at BA: Best Destination Ideas

The best place is always somewhere you’d love to go – but there are tricks to maximising your tier points.

European destinations which offer 20 tier points for economy and 80 for business include the following:

  • Malta
  • Greece
  • Canary Islands
  • Finland
  • Iceland
  • Bulgaria

5+ days in any of them mean 320 tier points when you fly Club Europe (business).

USA ideas for the British Airways 2x Tier point promo

US Ideas for Double Tier Points

US destinations have the option to go Premium Economy for 90 tier points each way, or business for 140. Two flights and double tier points means 360 / 560 for these classes. The perfect excuse for an amazing city break.

Here are some examples:

  • New York
  • Los Angles
  • Las Vegas
  • Miami

Other BA holidays which take advantage of the double tier point promotion could see you fly to the Caribbean, Dubai, Morocco or even Singapore.

Let’s hope that BA will continue their double tier points for holiday bookings promotion into 2025. With my work / life balance a little more organised, it might be just the ticket to aim for gold!

I won’t link to BA here – I have no commercial relationship with them and sure that you all know where to find them.

Oh, and good luck navigating their clunky website!


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