American Tourister Sea Seeker Suitcases

Summary: Sea Seeker luggage from American Tourister are soft-shell spinners with a distinctive modern design. The contrasting trim combines with a squat profile to produce a suitcase which is practical and smart – without being showy or brash. Sea Seaker cases are light and have a useful front pocket which you won’t get with the hard-shell ranges.

Best of all, you get that famous American Tourister quality at a super-reasonable price with the Sea Seeker luggage range – whichever of the four sizes you opt for.

Check the colour variations and get the latest prices now – on the Sea Seeker page at the official American Tourister store.

American Tourister Sea Seeker - Spinner M Suitcase, 68 cm, 61 L, Grey (Charcoal Grey), M (68 cm - 61 L) (Luggage)

American Tourister Sea Seeker – Spinner M Suitcase, 68 cm, 61 L, Grey (Charcoal Grey), M (68 cm – 61 L) (Luggage)

Durable soft-shell cases with American Tourister quality – I love the contrasting trim and.. more

Detailed Review of the Sea Seeker Suitcase Range from American Tourister

Let’s start with the size and colour options, before getting into the practical details.

There are four sizes available in the Sea Seeker luggage range:

  • Small: 45cm / 28 litres / 1.5kgs
  • Small: 55cm / 36 litres / 2.5kgs
  • Medium: 68cm / 61 litres / 3.10kgs
  • Large: 80cm / 92.5 litres / 3.6kgs

I like the double option of small cases. The 55cm one will be fine for hand-luggage for major airlines like BA or Emirates. For the lower-cost airlines (or for those who simply don’t take that much on board), the 45cm option will be perfect.

There are four colour options:

  • Charcoal Grey with Orange Trim
  • Combat Navy with Light Blue Trim
  • Aqua Green with Orange Trim
  • Deep Fuchsia (Pink) with Light Blue Trim

Grey (which is closer to black for me) is easily the most popular choice. It is good to see that American Tourister gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves though!

Inside features of the Sea Seeker Luggage rangeSea Seeker Suitcases: Build and Practical Details

These durable soft-shell suitcases are made of tough and light polyester. This is splash proof and easy to wipe clean after your holiday.

Sea Seeker luggage uses the spinner setup. There are four wheels, and a telescopic handle which fits snuggly into the top. These cases stand up on their wheels and can be pushed along by your side or pulled on two wheels. The name comes from the ability to spin 360 degrees – making Sea Seeker great for weaving around people in a hectic airport.

You get a large, padded handle on the top.

These are front-opening cases, with a single large compartment inside and pocket on the front. The zips can be locked in a combination lock (conveniently placed at the top), which has a TSA override key for USA travel.

Pockets and Inside Features

I like the double-zipped front pocket. This is used on the medium and large versions, as well as on the two small check-in Sea Seeker cases. It is perfect for documents, and small items you don’t want to have to open the entire case to find.

On the inside of the front flap, you’ll get a large mesh pocket. The main, deep compartment has elasticated straps. I recommend some packing cubes, which make keeping things separate in these single-compartment cases super-easy. I like the design of the lining material (not the usual dark grey!).

Quality and details for Sea Seeker spinners

Feedback: What Do Owners of the Sea Seeker Suitcases Say?

Mostly positive feedback for this American Tourister soft-shell range.

A lot of this comes from European buyers – so I have been down the rabbit hole of Google Translate and tried by best not to add any stereotypes for the different countries.

Let’s start with a French buyer – who appears absolutely delighted to have found a pink suitcase! Several German reviews said ‘Sehr Gut,’ which even I don’t need a translation for. One went into a lot of detail. I’m not sure it translated exactly, but Google showed me that he was positive about the smooth rotation of the wheels…

Very few grumbles for the Sea Seeker range. One person was upset about a weak handle.

This is excellent feedback overall for a lower priced suitcase range. Do check the comments (whichever case you buy) as things can change quickly.

Wrapping Up: Is the Sea Seeker Suitcase Range from American Tourister Any Good?

American Tourister produce ranges of solid, reliable, and elegantly styled suitcases year-after-year.

I love the contrasting trim of the Sea Seeker luggage. Whether the brighter colours appeal to you is a personal taste thing – for me, the grey with orange trim hits the sweet spot.

These cases have everything you’d expect from American Tourister in terms of features. There are spinner wheels, a telescoping handle, front pocket, meshed inside pocket, elasticated straps, and a lock with TSA override.

For a low price you get a solid soft-shell case with American Tourister quality.

See which colour you like the best – and check the latest pricing – now – over on the Sea Seeker luggage page at the official American Tourister Store.


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