Samsonite CityVibe Laptop Backpack Review

Mark’s Update: CityVibe has been updated! I’m updating the links here with the smart business backpacks which are part of the impressive new range of designs from Samsonite – check out the options now!

Summary: The CityVibe Laptop Bag from Samsonite bridges the gap between a formal business bag, and a more casual one. What you will get is the famous Samsonite build. This is a light bag, with some innovative features. These include 2 pockets for your laptop. One is secure at the back of the bag, while the other has faster-access. There is also a special pocket for important items. This sits on the part which goes against your back.

Check out the pictures, I’m sure you will agree that Samsonite has done a great job with finding the balance. This business laptop bag has good looks, without being super-formal – for example like a Wenger bag.

See the feedback, full spec and picture gallery for yourself now on this dedicated product page.

Samsonite Laptop Backpack 15.6

Samsonite Laptop Backpack 15.6″ Exp (Black) -Spectrolite 2.0 Casual Daypack, 0 cm, Black (Apparel)

These backpacks are perfect for Macs or Windows laptops, and have plenty of pockets and clever storage solutions including…more

Detailed Review of the CityVibe Laptop Bag from Samsonite

As well as being a versatile day bag, the CityVibe is well within hand luggage guidelines for even the strictest airlines. This is 35cms by 34cms by 24.5cm. It is plenty big enough for a laptop with a screen up to 16 inches – bigger than most of today’s popular laptop models.

You can get this bag in black or grey. It is made out of durable nylon. This is naturally splash resistant, and can be wiped clean. The unpacked weight is super-light, clocking in at 1.1kgs.

There are two ways to carry it. First, the adjustable straps and padded back mean you can wear it as a backpack. There is also a wide handle at the top, allowing you to carry it like a day bag. Small touches like a toughened bottom are standard with Samsonite quality.

Samsonite CityVibe Inside View

Pockets and Internal Organisation

For me the two laptop compartments are a key feature. You can store your machine away securely while in transit. Using the Velcro straps and zips of the secure back compartment. When security is not such an issue, the easy-access front compartment does the job perfectly. If you have two laptops, or a laptop + tablet, then the CityVibe solves your problem!

There are smaller pockets. These include pen loops, a business card pocket and even one for a drink.

These smaller features help this switch from being a business case to a handy day-bag in a lot of situations. It won’t look out of place in either context.

See the full picture gallery for more on how this laptop bag is organised.

Feedback CityVibe from Samsonite

What Previous Buyers Said About the CityVibe Bag from Samsonite?

All positives with the feedback, at the time of writing this at least. The quality gets mentioned more than once. This is not a surprise with Samsonite, who have built their brand on making bags and suitcases which last. Other comments point out the lightness of this case. Compared to some other multi-compartment business backpacks, the CityVibe is light at 1.1kgs.

Wrapping Up: Is the CityVibe One Backpack to Rule Them All?

If you can’t decide between a formal ‘briefcase’ type laptop bag, and something more casual and stylish, then this could be the right pick.

Nobody in the office would question its credentials as a smart laptop backpack. At the same time, it would not look out of place on a weekend away. Maybe a little smarter than the average bags your friends will bring – though not much!

Check out the innovative internal config, and compare the black and grey models over on this dedicated product page.

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