Timberland Wheeled Duffle Bag

Summary: This wheeled duffle bag from Timberland has a ton of style. The ‘Burned Olive’ option looks sharp, with understated orange trim. You will get a sturdy bag, which can be used for vacations, sports or as an overnight bag. It is lightweight and gives you a choice of wheeling it along or carrying using one of two handles.

You can zoom in on the details via the full picture gallery. Check out the hugely positive feedback from owners of these Timberland Duffels for yourself, over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Detailed Review of the 26 Inch Wheeled Duffle Bags from Timberland

This duffle bag has the best elements of checked in suitcases and shoulder bags. Timberland combine them effortlessly into one versatile unit. It is listed as a 26-inch wheeled duffle. The dimensions are 26” by 15.5” by 10.5”. It weighs in at just over 4kgs – that is on the heavier side for this type of bag. You will find it is a tough design, built to withstand regular use and still maintain the understated good looks.

Burned olive is a darker green – it is not too far from a toned-down racing green for me. The orange trim is used sparingly. The Timberland logo is orange, along with the handles, thin stripes on the straps and on the inside too.

You get two handles. One on the top and the other on the side, the main body is held in shape with two straps.

In a welcome touch, the material can be wiped clean.

There are two wheels, which are neatly integrated with the edges of the bag (they won’t get in the way when you carry it). Add in the telescoping handle, and you can wheel this duffel along effortlessly.

Olive Wheeled Duffel from TimberlandPockets and Inside

The zip goes all the way around the top of this Timberland bag. It opens on 3 sides, giving you access to a deep pocket which is more than enough for a few days away. Some people in the comments listed the number of shirts, trousers and so on that they packed. This would be more useful if we knew their size – though thanks for the effort.

Inside the lid is a mesh compartment with its own zip. There is also a smaller zipped pocket along the edge, great for making sure those small valuables don’t get misplaced. One extra pocket can be found at the front, you will see the zip for this over the top of the orange Timberland logo.

Feedback: What Did Owners of these Timberland Wheeled Duffels Say?

A lot of positive feedback for this bag. This ties in with most Timberland products, which are great quality (if higher in price than the generic copies).

One negative concerned the number of pockets. It is clear how many there are, so this sounded more like a mix-up than a review of this wheeled duffel.

Positives included both the build quality and the style. If you like the style, then Timberland have already ticked all the boxes when it comes to build quality and practical features.

As always, do make sure you read the latest comments before you go ahead and buy one of these bags.

Wrapping Up: Is the Burned Olive Wheeled Duffel Bag from Timberland Right for You?

As with many bags, you’ll already know if the style and colouring works for you. If this is a ‘yep’, then you can be assured that Timberland have ticked all the right boxes when it comes to both features and build quality.

This is the perfect double-up bag. It works for overnight trips, short holidays or just for moving your sports gear around. It is tough, easy to clean and can be wheeled just as easily as it can be carried.

Check out those close-up pictures – including a bigger view of the inside compartments – over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now!


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