Freetoo Portable Luggage Scale Review

Summary: Freetoo travel scales solve and important (and persistent) problem. These days of ever-stricter airline check-in staff – weighing your luggage before you travel is great for peace of mind. The simplest solution, both at home and while away, is a hand held like this one from Freetoo. You hook it around your case’s handle, lift a little, and the weight gets displayed. Kilograms are great for most places, though you can also measure in pounds and ounces if you prefer. Not only is this unit perfect for the job, at the time of writing it comes with a big discount to. Check out this dedicated product page now, to see if the offer still stands.

FREETOO Luggage Scale Portable Digital Weight Scale for Travel Suitcase Weigher with Tare Function 110 Lb/ 50Kg Capacity Red (Misc.)

FREETOO Luggage Scale Portable Digital Weight Scale for Travel Suitcase Weigher with Tare Function 110 Lb/ 50Kg Capacity Red (Misc.)

A cheap, durable option for checking the weight of your luggage before you fly (there and back!).. more

Detailed Review of the FreeToo Portable Digital Luggage Scale

The unit you will receive is metallic red, with a silver underside. It comes with a hook and canvas strap, that you can attach your case with. There is a single button, and a digital display. It comes with a battery, and weighs in at just 90 grams. This low weight is ideal, it makes the Freetoo digital travel scale easy to slip into your case. That extra weight should not push you over the limit – and you’ll be free to weigh your cases on the return journey.

Freetoo portable luggage scales

The FreeToo Travel Scales in Action

You can see from the gallery on this amazon page how it works. Whether you lift with one hand or two will depend on the size of the bag. The sturdy canvas strap has a buckle, which hooks around the handle of your bag. After this is attached, you simply lift the bag by holding the case. As soon as the bag is steady, you’ll have an accurate readout of the weight. Once the reading is stable, the displayed weight locks – meaning you will not be chasing the weight up and down.

This scale is accurate to within 0.01KG (10 grams), which is plenty good enough for travel purposes. You can weight bags of up to 50KGs using it. That does assume you are able to lift the device when it has a 50KG case hanging from it.

Kilos, grams, pounds and ounces are all available. To toggle to your preferred unit, you keep hitting the power on button. There is an auto power-off, which means you will not be draining the battery if you accidentally leave it switched on. The LCD display is back-lit, making it suitable for use in lower light conditions.

Freetoo luggage scales feedback

What Previous Buyers of the Freetoo Digital Travel Scale Said?

The word which repeats over and over in the buyer comments is ‘useful’. Those comments are almost all top ratings too. It is not just about knowing the weight for many users. The real advantage is peace of mind. The knowledge that you will not get turned away from check in to repack in a crowded airport is worth the price of this item many times over.

Some negative comments came from people who has difficulty lifting their case. A few faulty units also caused complaints. These are a tiny proportion.

No assembly is needed, though you will need to remove the protective seal which prevents the battery from going flat.

Wrapping Up: The FreeToo Digital Travel Scale

This is a simple and inexpensive solution to a growing problem of airlines getting overly strict on luggage weights. You can simply strap this to your case and lift – giving its weight within 10grams.

I can see why this has already sold 1000’s of units. Check out the picture gallery to see it in use. You will never have to worry about whether your bags are overweight again.

Check the Dedicated FreeToo Digital Travel Scale Amazon Page Here

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