Secure Luggage Straps with TSA Lock

Mark’s Update: Samsonite have a luggage strap with a TSA lock at such a great price, it felt daft recommending a generic one.

This luggage strap comes with a non-slip surface, in four colours and (as anyone that uses Samsonite Suitcases will know) is top-notch quality.

Samsonite Global Travel Accessories Luggage Strap with Integrated Three Dial TSA Combilock, 190 cm, Black (Luggage)

Samsonite Global Travel Accessories Luggage Strap with Integrated Three Dial TSA Combilock, 190 cm, Black (Luggage)

Samsonite Global Travel Accessories Luggage Strap with Integrated Three Dial TSA Combilock, 190 cm, Black… more

Summary: Straps which fit tightly around your luggage are a simple way of keeping thieving hands away. With most thefts in transit opportunistic in nature, a combination lock is simple and effective solution. What you’ll find with these Elastraap security straps is materials which make them sit snug (so they can’t get caught on things), plus a solid lock with a TSA over-ride. That over-ride ensures that your bag will not be damaged should customs or security not be able to get it open.

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Detailed Review of the ELASTRAAP Non-Slip Luggage Strap with TSA Lock

You’ll get a tough belt that wraps right around your luggage, through the handle on the side and clips together with a rugged lock. These belts are striped, and come in a choice of 8 colours. This gives them the secondary benefit of making your luggage easy to spot when it comes off the carousel at your destination.

As well as being non-slip, the belt is slightly elasticated. This allows it to sit snugly onto your belt. With a tight fit, there is less danger of it getting snagged on something while in transit. You can tighten of loosen it in the same way you would adjust the length of a bag strap. It can be expanded right out to 240cm. This makes it suitable for the biggest suitcases.

Combination Lock and TSA Over-Ride

The lock and buckle look impressive compared to some other belts. This has a 3-digit standard combination lock. You get to choose your own number as part of the setup. By making it harder for opportunistic or casual thieves, you’ll add a significant boost to your security. This is not only while travelling. You can lock your case in your hotel room, or when left with the concierge.

TSA is the US Travel Security Agency. They have the right to search any bag, and if they can’t find the owner they have the tools to break in. TSA over-ride locks allow them to search your bag without breaking it. This is a US thing, though the risk of broken bags can happen anywhere in he world.

Remember that this strap / lock is an addition to your case’s lock. The combination of the two will often deter thieves. You could also wrap your strap around some furniture in your hotel – making that case hard to move.

TSA Lock Luggage Strap

What Previous Buyers Said About the ProudGuy ELASTRAP Non-Slip Luggage Strap

Compliments were left for speedy deliver and the word ‘excellent’ was used by several people that bought one. At least one commenter bought two – always a good sign!

I am trying to understand the only negative review. This buyer thought that the elastic was too stretchy. They may have a point, though another explanation is that they left the belt too loose and it got pulled while in transit. I will leave you to make up your own mind.

It was also mentioned that the code for the combination lock was easy to set up and switch. With several buyers making positive comments about this aspect.

Wrap Up: Is this Secure Luggage Strap a Worthwhile Buy?

I have used one, and would recommend it for the extra peace of mind. The TSA lock is a welcome extra, though it’s main purpose is to show security that you have no problem with them looking at your bag!

Being able to choose from 8 colours is a plus. This gives you a unique twist on strap / luggage combinations when you are looking for your bags. It certainly beats covering your bag in cling-film at the airport.

This is a budget item, which punches well above its weight when it comes to extra security.

Check out the colours and feedback for yourself on this dedicated product page.

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