Delsey Modern Soft-Shell Suitcases

Mark’s Summary: I was taken by the subtle elegance of the Delsey Modern soft-shell suitcases even before checking out the features. It’s understated, sitting proudly on spinner wheels without dominating. The build quality is everything you’d expect from the long-running Delsey Paris brand. Pick up the Modern soft-shells, and that 2.5kg (based on medium) weight is impressive.

Add the security features and Delsey 3-year global guarantee, and there is a lot to love about the Modern range.

Check out the colour options in the impressive full picture gallery now – on the Modern Soft-Shell page at the official Delsey Amazon UK store!

Delsey Modern L Noir (Luggage)

Delsey Modern L Noir (Luggage)

Elegant and lightweight, with a Teflon coating and spinner wheels… more

Detailed Review of the Delsey Modern Suitcases Range

Let’s start with the size, weight, and colour of the Modern cases – then zoom in on the features list.

There are three sizes to choose from:

  • Small: 55cm x 35cm x 28cm, 2.1kgs
  • Large: 67cm x 42cm x 31cm, 2.5kgs
  • Extra Large: 78cm x 479cm x 33cm, 2.9kg

I did note that the large is similar in size to the medium cases from other brands. That Extra Large one is a whopper!

Just to stay a little bit French, the colours are in Francois. Choose from Noir (black) or Blau (I don’t need to translate this one, right?).

These cases (‘Modern’ in the UK, ‘Brochant 2.0’ abroad) have a Teflon coating. Saying they are splash proof does not quite do them justice. You might say ‘water off a ducks back’…

Inside Delsey ModernOutside Features of the Delsey Brochant / Modern Soft-Shell Suitcases

The spinner wheels are small, yet tough. There are eight of them. Four pairs on each corner. A multi-stop telescoping handle gives you the ability to swerve around people in busy airports. These cases stand upright without support.

There are handles on the top and side.

Security is a notable feature. Delsey have a system called ‘Securetech 2’ which involves toughened zips and a TSA override combination lock.

Pockets and Inside Packing Features

Just like most soft-shell suitcases, you get a single large compartment and a smaller ‘door’ one. There is a pocket accessible to the outside. I have mixed feelings about these for the check-in sizes, though definitely approve for the smaller version.

The inside of the door is a zipped compartment of its own – with the zip covering 270 degrees to fully open the flap. A separate zip goes horizontally over this for those smaller and easy to lose items.

Opposite, you’ll find a cavernous interior. So big that packing cubes would make a good investment. There are elasticated straps to keep your clothes in place.

I like the matching lining, another small and stylish touch from Delsey.


Feedback: What Do Long-Term Owners of the Delsey Modern Soft-Shell Suitcases Say?

Delsey have a lot of fans – especially from people that have upgraded from the more disposable cheaper alternatives.

At the time of writing 94% of comments were four or five stars. You might be surprised that the most common positives don’t mention the style or features… Instead, the word ‘Spacious’ is what comes up over and over again. There is a trade-off between the feeling of durability and the lightness of the build. While some people asked this question, there were no complaints about the cases breaking.

Of course, it’s hard to beat that 3-year global Guarantee from Delsey. They trust their quality, and it shows.

Wrapping Up: Is the Delsey Modern / Brochant 2 the Right Soft-Shell Suitcase for You?

Delsey cases have that cool elegance that other brands never quite seem to match.

The Modern soft shells add Teflon, a super-lightweight build and extra security features into the mix. While I’d like to see more colour options than the black / blue, these cases are excellent value in the mir-priced category.

You get spinner wheels, a front pocket, stylish and practical interior, and that guarantee that your Delsey case will last for years.

If you ever wondered why Delsey pick up so many lifelong fans, the Modern soft shells might be the perfect way to find out.


Check out the close-ups in the impressive picture gallery now, at the official Delsey store at!


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