Lykke Cases from IT Luggage

Lykke suitcases are a brilliant soft-shell option – and made of recycled material.

IT Luggage are specialists in lightweight cases. These range from the ‘world’s lightest’ (real wow-factor) to hard-shell options. Lykke suitcases are in-between. For example, the medium is under three kilos. That is light enough to feel special when you lift it, yet solid enough that you get a robust case that will still look great after multiple trips.

These cases come in two colours, and three sizes.

You get a trusted brand name, at an excellent price. Add the recycled plastics, and you can add that little bit of eco-friendliness to your trips too.

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Detailed Review of Lykke Suitcases from IT Luggage

Let’s start with the sizes and materials. I’ll get to the practical parts including the inside next.

There are three sizes, with the option to grab a discount by ordering the set of three.

  • Cabin: 55cm / 44 litres (with a 5cm expansion option)
  • Medium: 71cm / 92 litres (with a 7cm expansion option)
  • Large: 81cm / 130 litres (with a 7cm expansion option)

The medium will be fine for almost everyone who is not American. Cabin options are at the upper end of the hand-luggage scale. You’ll be fine with major airlines, though might have to fight with the super-low cost carriers.

Colour options are the classic black, and a smart ‘rifle green’.

Lykke suitcases are made from PET plastics. Essential recycled plastic bottles, this creates a soft-shell which is water-resistant – and so easy to wipe clean. The cover is durable too. Note that there are hard plastic parts (for example the wheels) which are not recycled.

Inside View Lykke IT Suitcase

Outside Features and Design

I’m a fan of the square, upright design.

Lykke suitcases are not flashy or brash – perfect for those of us that want a smart case, but don’t feel the need to be showy. The light brown contrast on the wheels and touches on the body look great. Those are the tough spinner wheels which IT luggage use across their range. They stand travel brilliantly, and let you spin your case 360 degrees.

This range comes with a narrow handle, unlike the wide handles on other cases from IT. You get handles on the top and size. Plus two front pockets. I like the gap between them – a subtle but effective design touch.

Finally for the outside, you get a three-wheel combination lock. This comes with a TSA key over ride, for travel to the USA.

Inside of the Lykke Suitcases from IT Luggage

IT suitcases are front opening – and the Lykke range is no exception.

This means you get one big compartment, instead of the suitcase opening down the middle giving you two halves. Having one big compartment works brilliantly with simple packing cubes – they are not included, though you go get elasticated straps in the same beige trim as the wheels.

You get a zipped, mesh pocket on the inside, which is great for those easy to lose bits and pieces.

Lykke Made from Recycled Bottles

Feedback: What Did Owners of the Lykke Suitcases Say?

This range is new, so there is not much feedback from regular users of it at the time of writing.

If similar lightweight soft-shells from IT luggage are anything to go by, this will be a popular range. For the price point, IT get excellent ratings. The weight of their cases is always a plus point. It ranges from ‘wow’ (for the world’s lightest range) to simply ‘excellent’ for the other ranges.

Regular comments include the word strong. The hand-luggage version got extra praise for having tons of pockets and ‘nooks and crannys’ to put things in.

As always, it is worth keeping an eye on the feedback before you buy any luggage.

Wrapping Up: Is the Eco-Friendly Lykke Range from IT Luggage Any Good?

The Lykke range ticks three boxes for me.

  • It is eco-friendly (made from recycled bottles)
  • It is cheap, especially for a big, known brand.
  • Lightweight, yet solid and versatile.

Add the 10 year warranty, range of sizes (or a set) and choice of black or dark green – and you have a suitcase that ticks all the right boxes.

Check out those close up pictures, and the latest price now – over on this dedicated Lykke luggage pack on the official IT luggage website.


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