Bez Worldwide Travel Adapter Review

Mark’s Update: Competition has heated up for worldwide travel adapters. While the Bez one has gone, this one is a category best-seller and ticks all the right boxes at a bargain price point. Check it out now!

Summary: I have an admission to make… I’m one of those people who have a plastic box full of travel plug adapters! If this worldwide adapter had been around, it would have saved a lot of individual purchases. The Bez Worldwide Travel Adapter is simple and brilliant. It is a single box, with different configurations of pins that you can push out. There are USB sockets at the side too. It works in 150 countries – covering all the major destinations in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Down Under.

Check out the gallery, you’ll be impressed how simply this gadget gets the job done.

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Detailed Review of the Bez Worldwide Travel Adapter

You’ll get a zipped container, around the size of your closed fist. Inside is a single unit, which has holes at one end for your own plugs – and a sliding mechanism on top. At the opposite end you will see the different pins for each country. These will pop out when you push the slider, depending on what country you selected.

This works with US / UK / European and Asian standard plugs – though there are many smaller countries where you can use this too. With 150 countries in total, it is hard to find a destination where it is not compatible.

Plug Adapter Does Not Mean Current Converter

Some countries use different ‘strength’ or types of electric current. It is important to note that this travel plug adapter only exchanges one socket type to another. It is still up to you to check whether your electronics are compatible with the type of power used. This is especially important if you visit the lesser travelled countries.

USB Ports

Many adapters and plastic plug / socket mix and match type kits will help get the power to your devices. Having a USB port (in fact 2 of them) is a big bonus with this item from Bez. If you have ever been in a spot where you have multiple devices to charge, and others to use at the same time – you’ll certainly see the value here.

To get all of this in such a compact unit is a big plus. If you compare it to the older ‘kit’ types, it saves a lot of space.

Bez Worldwide Travel Adapter

What Buyers Said About the Bez Worldwide Travel Adapter?

Most people were happy with their purchase. The higher price point (comparatively) was mentioned, though usually in the context of great value! One thing that came in for a lot of praise is the USB ports. Turns out this simple addition was a life-saver in many spots.

People also mentioned that this is a light and small unit. I am guessing these comments came from people who have needed to search through a heavy bag of manual adapters at some point down the line – hoping to find the right match.

Reviews are not glowing, though for this type of item, people are overall satisfied.

Wrap Up: One Travel Plug Adapter to Rule Them All?

If you don’t want to end up like me, with a box full of adapters (most of which will never be used again!), then this worldwide tool is recommended. For one price, you get compatibility with 150 countries. The unit is compact and lightweight, ideal for packing.

The icing on the cake for many previous buyers is the 2 USB ports. You can charge your phone and camera while using the main socket for something else.

Check out the gallery for yourself, to see how this smart adapter works!

Bez Worldwide Travel Adapter Page

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