Paddington Bear Children’s Luggage Review

Mark’s Update: The original one disappeared – so I replaced it with a fantastic Paddington school bag – do check it out!

Summary: Paddington Bear luggage is an obvious choice if you think about it. Who else in the cartoon / animation world epitomises travel like this marmalade eating character? This Paddington-themed wheeled trolley has a striking design. It even has the initials PB on it! There are feet, so it can stand upright, and a retractable handle.

This trolley case holds 18 litres. Enough to pack a few toys for the journey, and to be useful for storage when you are back home too.

This is one of several Paddington themed bags and cases. You can see them all listed lower down on this dedicated product page.

Paddington Bear Backpack + Detachable Lunch Bag

Paddington Bear Backpack + Detachable Lunch Bag

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Detailed Review of the Paddington Bear Wheeled Box Luggage

You’ll get a lightweight case which is specifically designed to look like it is Paddington’s own suitcase. This includes a big picture of the bear himself. He is waving (presumably saying goodbye to his aunt in Darkest Peru). He also wears that infamous tag which says, ‘Please Look After this Bear, Thank You.’

At the top of the case are the initials PB. There are also various stickers. One says, ‘Grand Hotel Lima’, while others are from Paris and London. One more says, ‘Wanted on Voyage’. I like the way that the corners are designed. These have the look of an old-style leather suitcase from the golden days of travel.

Practical Matters

This bag is within the checked in luggage guidelines of all airlines (even the strictest). It measures 31cms x 41cms by 15cms. The total weight is 1.2 kilograms. You’ll get 18 litres of space inside. This about half of the average for an adult checked in bag. It is plenty enough for some toys, books and other essentials for your child’s journey.

The shell is hard, a definite improvement from the many children’s bags with a soft nylon cover. It is made from polyester.

There are two wheels, so this is a pull-along trolley type. Plastic stops allow it to stand up when not being pulled. Finally, you close it with a zip, and there is a handle which retracts back into the bag just like on a grown-up suitcase.

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What Previous Buyers Said About the Paddington Wheeled Luggage?

It seems Grandparents are big fans of this case – or at least their grandchildren are. Several comments show how happy the next generation but one was with this bag. Comments are positive, though with a different tone to what you would find on the ‘serious’ luggage pages. Words like ‘Fab’, ‘Cute’ and so on are used.

One thing which does come through is that the kids love to have their own travel bag. The quality, and the sturdiness also came in for praise.

I usually balance these reviews with a concern or negative comment. In this case I was not able to find any!

Wrap Up: Is Paddington the Right Pick for Your (Grand) Children’s Next Trip?

Whether flying, going on a sleep over, or just visiting Gran, the Paddington bag is a solid pick for younger children. This is a hard-shell bag, made of plastic. If you are used to those character bags which are nylon stretched over a frame, this will be a lot better!

Feedback has been very positive overall. I have yet to find out whether this case will survive the trip to Darkest Peru and back.

Check out the zoomable picture, and the feedback from previous buyers on this dedicated product page now!

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