Samsonite S’Cure Suitcases

Summary: The S’Cure spinner suitcases are the core of the hard-shell luggage options from Samsonite. You will find variations in the designs and colours. All of them have the same shell and practical build. S’Cure cases will last and last. These are tough, rigid cases, the polar opposite of the super-light range. What I like best about these Samsonite hard-shell cases is that you can give them a good scrub-down after travel – not something you’d do with either a soft shell or super-lightweight suitcase.

This page covers the core S’Cure Spinners (both the hand luggage and the check in sizes). I have explained the variations below.

For the latest colour / style / size combinations, and any of the frequent Samsonite discounts – make sure you check out this page at the official Samsonite store at


Samsonite S'Cure - Spinner L Suitcase, 75 cm, 102 L, Black (Black) (Luggage)

Samsonite S’Cure – Spinner L Suitcase, 75 cm, 102 L, Black (Black) (Luggage)

Stylish hard-shell spinner cases with that famous Samsonite quality. Check the colours and design options and…more


Detailed Review of the S’Cure Hard Shell Spinner Suitcases from Samsonite

Normally I start reviews with some size options and weight information.

For the S’Cure spinners, there is something more pressing… how exactly do you pronounce the name?

Well, after some trial and error, I now go with ‘Secure,’ only with a silent first ‘e.’ If you prefer ‘ES-CURE’ then more power to you!

Back to the size options:

  • S’Cure Hand Luggage: 55cm, 34l, 2.9kg
  • Medium Spinner: 69cm, 79l, 4.1kg
  • Large Spinner: 75cm, 102l, 4.5kg
  • XL Spinner: 81cm, 138l, 5kg

While by no means lightweight, I found them reasonably weighted when you take the toughness of the shell into account. There are plenty of flimsy no-name alternatives which are over 4kg for a medium. S’Cure cases are built from Flowlite Polypropylene. These weights are based on the nicer DLX versions with upgraded interiors.

Before I get to the features, a word on the colours / designs.

No zip, Scure spinner clasp

Colours and Design Options for the S’Cure Spinner Cases

You can get black, graphite and dark blue (for us traditionalists). For the more adventurous, there is an extensive list of alternatives. Some are bolder than you might expect from Samsonite.

DLX versions have contrasting trim (as well as better interiors). That black case with gold trim looks fantastic.

Here is the full list of colours:

  • Black
  • Aqua Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Navy Blue Stripes
  • Fluo Red Capri
  • Petrol Blue Capri
  • Crimson Red
  • Silver
  • Pastel Yellow Stripes
  • Stone Blue Stripes

When you hit the main S’Cure page at the Samsonite store, you can play around with the size / colour options. This shows you what is available in which colour.

S'Cure Hard Shell Cases Colour List

Here are the colour options for the DLX S’Cure Spinners

  • Black / Gold Deluscious
  • Graphite
  • Metallic Green
  • Midnight Blue

Build: Samsonite Quality and Spinner Wheels

Concentric square rings on the front panel sets these cases apart. Add dots to the middle around the distinctive Samsonite logo for a classic look. While the shape is the standard rectangle box, these are smart cases. Small touches like contrasting colours just above the spinner wheels and contrasting telescopic handle make it stand out.

The wheels are small, tough and move in any direction. If you have not had a Samsonite Spinner before, then give it a (literal) twirl… S’Cure cases will spin around 360 degrees.

You get a plastic handle on the side, along with a tough, indented locking mechanism. There is a second handle at the top. This is where the check-in and hand-luggage are different. Hand luggage versions have a clasp / clip at the top.

There is a combination lock for security, which has a TSA override.

Inside the Samsonite S’Cure Spinner Luggage

DLX versions have new interiors compared to the regular S’Cure range. Both are perfectly serviceable.

Regular S’Cure cases have one closed compartment with a zip going around three sides. There is a smaller, long pocket near the hinges. The other side has elasticated straps with a clasp in the middle. Unusually, that side is not lined. It works, the inside of the Flowlite Polypropylene shell is plenty smart enough.

Splash out for the DLX and you get adjustable pockets on the facing side. One has a clear strip, so you can see what is inside without rummaging.

Inside view S'Cure Cases

Feedback: What Owners of S’Cure Suitcases Said?

Plenty of time for feedback to collect on these Samsonite hard-shell cases. The vast majority (93% at the time of writing) is 4 and 5 stars. As you’d expect, the words ‘strong,’ ‘sturdy’ and ‘quality’ come up repeatedly.

The clasp mechanism for opening was popular with buyers. Obviously, zips are more trouble than you’d expect when it comes to travelling.

Samsonite does offer a lifetime warranty with their cases. I’d be surprised if you need to use this with these tough hard-shell cases. The only negatives I could find involved damage from airlines and scratches. Of course, nobody wants that – though I’d be super-surprised if these Samsonite cases fared any worse than a cheap ‘no brand’ alternative under the circumstances.

Wrapping Up: Are the Samsonite S’Cure Spinners Right for You?

These are classic hard-shell cases, with that Samsonite quality and style.

At a price point close to ‘no brand’ alternatives – you get a case which will last you for years (maybe even decades!).

S’Cure will appeal to regular travellers, though anyone looking for long-term value will benefit from them. The side-clasp opening, easy to clean exterior and wide choice of colours are all popular.

Check out the options (I love the DLX variations), now, over on the official S’Cure page at the Samsonite store!


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