Veevan Flight Approved Versatile Backpack Review

Summary: Veevan have produced a smart flight approved backpack which combines elements of business / laptop bags with the styling of a day bag. These are well within the limits for carry-on luggage and have an impressive 36 litre capacity. It is the smaller touches which make this bag stand out. This includes the ability to store away the straps, plus a second compartment which is ideal for your computer. You’ll get a choice of designs, many of which are classic, with some in this list a lot more contemporary.

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VEEVAN Carry on Backpack 38L Large Travel Backpack for Women Flight Approved Weekender Bag Laptop Backpack Men 15 inches Brown (Apparel)

VEEVAN Carry on Backpack 38L Large Travel Backpack for Women Flight Approved Weekender Bag Laptop Backpack Men 15 inches Brown (Apparel)

Adjustable padded shoulder straps, side compression straps, inner packaging loops and carry handles, plus… read more

Detailed Review of the Veevan Flight Approved Backpacks

You’ll get a rectangle shaped backpack with sharp edges and clean lines. This is 50cm tall, by 33cm wide and 20cm deep. The capacity is an impressive 38 litres. This is inside the requirements for hand luggage on major airlines. Most ‘flag carriers’ specify under 55cms.

These bags look soft, though they are built from tough polyester. This is ‘600D’ strength, making these carry-on backpacks durable. The overall weight has been kept down to a reasonable 800 grams.

You do get a wide choice of colours and designs. Some are unique (like the palm trees one) while others are smart and business-like. Here are the different options:

  • Brown (reddish brown)
  • Dark Blue (grey trim)
  • Deep Grey (black trim)
  • Grey and Orange
  • Palm (pink and light blue palm trees abstract print)
  • Red Violet (black trim)
  • Stamps (print)
  • Deep Black

There are also versions which come with additional packing cubes available.

Pockets and Compartments on these Flight Approved Backpacks

You’ll get plenty of places to store your stuff. These backpacks are perfect for laptops up to 15.6 inches (only pro ‘big screen’ models are bigger these days). The main compartment has a double zip. With the whole front section folding away rather than a top-down design, you’ll have access to a bigger space than on many backpacks. Inside the front you’ll find some additional zipped storage pockets for those smaller items.

There is another larger pocket on the front. With a smaller pocket available via a vertical zip on the very front of the bag. This one does not have drink or umbrella holders on the side. This is not an omission; these would not fit with this type of design.

On the side and top you will find carry handles. Adjustable straps can be tucked away in a special pocket on the back when not needed.

Side View Veevan BackpackFeedback: What Did Previous Buyers Say About the Veevan Carry-On Backpacks?

These are popular bags with a lot of feedback. Most of it has been very positive, especially keeping in mind the tendency for lower priced bags to bring out the mouth-breathers in the comments. A lot of comments complimented these bags for use as carry-on luggage. No reports of them being the wrong size to take on a plane at all.

The few issues came with the straps. One irate buyer was uncomfortable wearing it. Another complained that the straps went loose.

Overall the positives mentioned the pockets and the sturdy build for the price.

Wrapping Up: In Need of a Flight Approved Backpack, Veevan Could be for You!

There are a lot of smart designs in the Veevan range. These share a configuration and build which make them suitable for both laptop bags and carry on luggage. Add to this the lower-end price point, robust build and versatility, and you will see why they make a popular choice.

You get smaller pockets within the main compartment, two front pockets and 3 different ways to carry these bags. The padded back is designed for extra comfort while you carry it.

Check out the designs, positive feedback and any current discount over on this dedicated product page now!


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