Popsoda Suitcases from Samsonite – Detailed Review

Summary: The Popsoda spinner range of Samsonite suitcases adds an unfamiliar word to my reviews of this trusted brand. While many Samsonite cases are smart, stylish, and bold – the Popsoda range adds ‘elegant’ to the mix. The clean lines, white detailing and classic proportions work brilliantly together. These are soft-shell cases, with hand-luggage, small, medium, and large available. Popsoda cases have 8 wheels which spin in every direction. They also have TSA locks.

You could choose bright colours – though for me the black ones are the most elegant of all.

Check out the full picture gallery now on this dedicated Popsoda page at Amazon.co.uk – and see those stylish details for yourself!

Samsonite Popsoda - Spinner M - Expandable Suitcase, 66 cm, 68/73.5 L, Black (Apparel)

Samsonite Popsoda – Spinner M – Expandable Suitcase, 66 cm, 68/73.5 L, Black (Apparel)

Samsonite add an elegant soft-shell spinner to their already impressive range.

Detailed Review of the Popsoda Suitcase Range from Samsonite Luggage

Let’s start with the sizes. Unusually, this range have six different options. There are smaller and regular hand-luggage, then small, medium, and large suitcases. The two biggest models are expandable – adding significant extra capacity for those longer trips.

Here are the options:

  • Spinner S: 35cm tall by 55cm wide (this is a wider model, with non-standard proportions), capacity is 35 litres.
  • Spinner S: 55cms by 40cms, 40 litres.
  • Upright S: 55cm by 40cms, 41 litres (classic upright style)
  • Spinner M: 66cms by 44cms, 68 litres
  • Spinner L: 78cms by 48cms, 105 litres.

These are soft-shell, though perfectly tough enough to stand regular travel. I use Samsonite cases as my go-to and they last 4 or 5 years each, with regular trips long and short haul. The Popsoda range comes in back, blue, teil and red. As mentioned in the intro, the black with white styling is the most elegant.

Inside View Popsoda Cases

Features List:

Samsonite are famous for their tough wheels. For me, this is a reason alone not to opt for a cheaper brand… nothing is worse than losing a wheel halfway through a trip.

Popsoda cases have double wheels on each corner. You get to push, pull, or spin your case around. Once you try this, you will never want to go back to the old pull-along only brands.

Other features include a telescoping handle, plus fabric handles on the top and the side. You get an outside pocket too, plus a TSA approved lock for peace of mind. Overall, these are light cases. For example, the medium spinner comes in at 2.9kgs only.

Popsoda from Samsonite Review: The Inside

Samsonite cases have standard inside setups, which are lined with quality nylon. With the Popsoda cases you get a zipped mesh pocket inside the lid. A covered inside pocket along one edge (where it folds) and elasticated straps in the main section to keep everything from leaping out when you open the case.

I like the deeper setup of these cases, which makes packing easier compared to the ‘half and half’ setups you get with other models. Some packing cubes combined with these soft-shell cases would be the perfect mix.

Red Popsoda Side OnFeedback: What Did Buyers of the Samsonite Popsoda Range of Cases Say?

All top-rated feedback for this model at multiple retailers. I must mention a one-star review first. It simply said, ‘Smaller than I expected.’ Hmmm, that large case is as big as anyone could ever need (at least a Brit) … I wonder.

The wheels and style are the focus of positive comments. Some people obviously got the Popsoda as their first Samsonite case. Delight and some surprise at the quality compared to the so-called ‘bargain’ cases they were used to shone through.

Feedback for Samsonite cases is massively positive. Do make sure you read the latest feedback before you buy any case – you never know when this will change.

Wrapping Up: Are Popsoda Suitcases from Samsonite Right for You?

I’d rate this as a value buy for anyone looking for a soft-shell case that will last for years. Samsonite have the quality and reputation (and warranty), and the Popsoda cases have the elegant styling to stand out from the crowd.

You can get hand-luggage or check-in size cases or opt for the full set. With security features, wipe-clean tough fabric, and expandable packing space – these cases are versatile as well as good looking.

Check out the full impressive picture gallery for yourself now, and read the latest reviews, over on this dedicated Popsoda page on the Samsonite official Amazon store.


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