IT Luggage New York 8 Wheel Review

Mark’s Update: The super-light cases range from IT Luggage got a major boost!

In addition to the New York originals, you get to choose from the Rapidity, Lykke, Duo Tone, Popstar and Citywide ranges.

There are a range of colours and sizes for every taste – and all these cases are incredibly light and strong.

Check them out now – ot the official IT Luggage UK store.

Summary: When you see the New York 8 Wheel Suitcases from IT Luggage, you will instantly know the blue colour. It is hard to put your finger on why, but this blue is 100% New York. Light grey trim compliments this perfectly. The New York cases are a part of the famous ‘World’s Lightest’ range from IT. These cases are ‘wow’ light when you pick them up. The fibreglass frame keeps them more than tough enough to withstand the rigours of travel.

The other notable feature are the wheels, there are 8 of them.

Check out the zoomable close-ups, and see the latest feedback for yourself now – over on this dedicated product information page at IT Luggage


Wide Handle of IT Cases


Detailed Review of the New York 8 Wheel Spinners from IT Luggage

This review covered the medium sized version of the New York case. There are three different sizes. These are 56cms, 70cms (this page) and 80cms. The smallest one is just about hand luggage size. If you get a grumpy check-in attendant on a low-cost airline, it might need to go in the hold.

The blue is completely NYNY. There is a choice of colours, I like the vivid red, which IT have called ‘Bossa Nova’. You can also get two darker shades, ‘Magnet’ and ‘Raven’.

World’s Lightest is a wider range of cases with varying designs. What they have in common is the fibreglass frames. If you have never lifted one, then your ‘wow’ moment is waiting for you. These cases seem almost unreal in weight. If you need reassurance that the result is not a flimsy build, then check the 100’s of comments. IT cases are great quality – and the New York case is no exception.

You get a wide telescoping handle to pull or push your case along. There are eight wheels on this suitcase. Two on each corner. They swivel 360 degrees – making this a spinner case.

Pockets, Inside and Notable Features

IT cases open at the front. This is different to the likes of Samsonite or American Tourister, which open in the middle, giving you two equal compartments. With the IT New York cases you get one huge compartment, which has a quality nylon lining. There are straps for keeping everything in place.

On the back of the ‘lid’ is a zipped mesh pocket. Perfect for anything you don’t want to lose in the deep main compartment. There is a separate front pocket. No lock (TSA or otherwise) with this model. The zips have holes, so you can always get one separately if this is important.

You get handles on both the top and the side. These have a unique and stylish look – complete with IT logo.

Inside view of IT cases

Feedback: What Owners of the IT Luggage New York Cases Said?

As you might expect, the weight got a lot of positive comments. Some people were blown away by how light these cases are, others were happy that they could take more things on holiday without going over the weight limit for checked in luggage.

Most people were also happy with the quality. Keep in mind that IT cases are barely out of the budget range (around a quarter of the price you’d pay for some well-known brands) and these comments seem a little over fussy for me. Broken wheels or damaged cases is a different matter. IT customer service did get positive feedback for promptly replacing these.

All-in-all, great feedback on the New York spinners from IT.

As always, make sure you check the feedback whichever suitcases you end up buying. Service can always change (though to be fair, IT have a long track record already).

Wrapping Up: Are the 8-Wheeled New York Cases from IT Luggage Right for You?

If you are on a budget and want a stylish spinner that will wow you with how light it is, then the New York range from IT is for you. These cases use fibreglass, not plastic, for their structure. This keeps them super-light and strong at the same time.

The iconic greyish blue works brilliantly for this case. If you want something more daring, then the vivid red one also looks great.

With 8 wheels, the wide handle and zipped compartments, this case ticks all the right boxes for regular travel. At the price point, it is hard to think of a better (or lighter) option.

Check out the latest feedback for yourself now – along with the sizes, colours, and close-up pictures – on this page at the official IT Luggage site.


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