Samsonite Travel Duffle Case Review

Summary: This smart, black, Samsonite Duffle case takes the tech that made this brand – and puts it to use in a collapsible soft format. I have to admit a surprise. Instead of the usual ‘scraggy’ look I was expecting, this Samsonite version is super-smart. Closer to a soft-side case than a traditional duffle, though keeping the biggest advantages of the collapsible format.

You get wheels, a handle and resistant polyester covering – along with handles and a zipped front pocket. This one comes in two sizes, and at a price point which is on the low end for genuine Samsonite luggage.

Check out the gallery (including close-ups) and the latest feedback from buyers over on this dedicated product page now.

Samsonite Sonora - Travel Duffle with Wheels M, 68 cm, 72.5 Litre, Black (Luggage)

Samsonite Sonora – Travel Duffle with Wheels M, 68 cm, 72.5 Litre, Black (Luggage)

Tough fabrics, extra polyurethane as back protection and on the handles and high wheel housings… read more

Detailed Review of the Samsonite Travel Duffle

Considering you can flatten these cases for storage, the capacity is excellent. These duffle cases from Samsonite come in two sizes:

  • Large: 73cms tall, 106 litre capacity
  • Extra Large: 82cms tall, 150 litre capacity.

You get one huge pocket. The front of the case opens to reveal a deep inside area. You will also find elastic straps to keep everything in place. There are zipped compartments inside the lid. These are just right for keeping those smaller items away from the cavernous inside.

This duffle case also has a side pocket. This has a separate, slightly curved, zip. It means you will not have to undo the big main pocket on the move if you want somewhere to store your essentials.

Samsonite Duffle OpenSamsonite Classic Touches

What you get with Samsonite that other case makers often miss is an attention to detail. This can be seen in these travel duffels in the wheels, straps, and handles.

The wheels are fixed, making this bag ideal for pulling along (though not for ‘spinning’). There is a stand to the front. This allows the bag to stand alone on its end when full. The handle is aluminium, it is also adjustable. You can extend it when on the move, then slot is back into place.

Handles have soft covers which link them together over the front of the case when not in use. Zips show yet another touch. They have bigger holes. All you need is a small padlock or combo lock, and you can secure your case while it is in transit.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Samsonite Travel Duffle Cases?

A lot of positive feedback for these cases. One thing that stood out in the comments was the theme of ‘BIG’. Of course, the quality of build got a lot of mentioned. You come to expect this for Samsonite products. More than one person mentioned that it could well be over your weight limit if you pack it too full.

Being a robust build makes this bag heavier than many alternatives. This did get mentioned in the comments (though in a positive context). Keep in mind that 4kgs is on the heavier side.

I do recommend you check out the comments / feedback for yourself. You never know what new buyers might add to the conversation. On the whole, these duffels have excellent feedback.

Wrapping Up: How Do the Samsonite Travel Duffle Cases Compare?

If you want the smart looks and logo of a genuine Samsonite case, in a flat format, then these Duffel cases certainly fit the bill. The build quality and associated guarantee always makes Samsonite stand out from the crowd. This case has a lot of the small touches which make this brand a consistent best-seller.

You get wheels, a telescopic handle, stand, elasticated band, inner pockets, a front pocket, and resistant polyester materials. Not many duffel cases can match this spec and look half as smart as this Samsonite case.

Check out the close-ups (including the inner view) and latest feedback for yourself over on this dedicated product page now!

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