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Summary: The Soundbox Spinners break the mould by adding fun to the world of luggage. Look at the vibrant array of colours available in the Soundbox Spinner range – and fun is easily the first word that springs to mind. With four wheels manoeuvrability is never a worry. And the lightweight nature of the case is ideal for any trip. With two additional compartments and the expandability, you are in for a welcome surprise at just how much you can pack. Throw in the three-digit lock and this case makes for an ideal choice – with American Tourister quality that will last for years.

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American Tourister Soundbox Spinner Suitcase 67 cm, 81 L, Black (Bass Black) (Luggage)

American Tourister Soundbox Spinner Suitcase 67 cm, 81 L, Black (Bass Black) (Luggage)

Soundbox’s groovy polypropylene suitcase is a great choice for a holiday. It comes together with an expandability feature, providing…more

Detailed Review of the American Tourister Soundbox Spinner

The Soundbox spinner meets the twin requirements for any suitcase of being stylish and sturdy. The suitcase is lightweight at just 3.7 kilograms, making it ideal for any trip.

Medium versions have a length of 46.5 centimetres, a width of 29 centimetres and a total height (including wheels) of 67 centimetres (you can also purchase different heights of 55cm and 77cm). This case has a total volume of between 71.5 and 81 litres.

Transportation of the case is made that much easier by the double wheels at the bottom. With four wheels in total, you simply stand it up and roll with it, while still giving you the option to use just two of the wheels if you’re pulling it along behind you.

Design of the American Tourister Soundbox Spinner

The Soundbox is made of polypropylene, featuring a circular grooved design that ripples out from the suitcase logo. It comes in the following range of colours:

  • Bass Black
  • Midnight Navy
  • Cantaloupe
  • Jade Green
  • Magenta
  • Poolside Blue
  • Coral Red
  • Spring Green
  • Golden Yellow

Each of the colour options gives this range a vibrancy, with even the bass black giving off a shine. The wheels at the bottom of the case are an eye-catching black and grey, with the telescopic handle also being in the chosen colour.

Inside the American Tourister Soundbox Cases

Packing the American Tourister Soundbox Spinner

On opening the suitcase, you find a functional space. The main body of the suitcase features cross ribbons, ensuring that your clothes remain exactly as they were originally packed throughout your journey. There is also a zipped large pocket in the lid of the case, giving you additional packing space for all your much needed extras. There is also a zipped line divider inside which connects to the both the base and the lid of the case. This is the perfect size for those smaller items that you might need. You will be surprised at exactly how much you can pack into this American Tourister case.

There is also an expandability feature with this case. This allows you to increase the packing space. Ideal if you, like many others, pick up a souvenir or two on your travels and need that extra bit of space for the return journey.

Security of the American Tourister Soundbox Spinner

The case comes with a 3-digit TSA combination lock. Set the number to one that only you know and access to the case is only enabled when those three numbers are chosen. This works by affixing the two zips into the lock and these are unlocked with the right combination.

Soundbox Spinner Lock

Reviews of the American Tourister Soundbox Spinner Review

The reviews for the Soundbox Spinner are at the top end, with more than three thousand global ratings. Ease of moving it around is mentioned widely, with one reviewer stating that it was the most manoeuvrable suitcase they had ever used. The light weight of the suitcase is also commended by a host of reviewers, as well as the surprising amount of capacity contained within. One purchaser was so impressed with their initial buy that they bought the smaller version on the back of it. The colourful aspect of the suitcases has seen some of the reviewer’s state that they are ideal buys for children.

Is the American Tourister Soundbox Spinner Right for you?

The Soundbox Spinner from American Tourister is a perfect case if you want to travel in both comfort and style. The range of vibrant colours that it comes in gives the cases that perfect summery feel, ideal for setting the holiday and vacation moods. The expandability option is great for those holiday purchases, while the locking mechanism adds a nice layer of in-built security. Moving around is that much easier too, due to the four wheels.

Check out the gallery and the latest pricing now over on the American Tourister Soundbox Spinner page.

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