Samsonite Lite Cube Spinners

Summary: Once you have an ultralight case like the Samsonite Lite Cube spinners – it is hard to go back to any ‘regular’ case. They have the looks, the quality and that ‘oh, wow,’ when you first pick them up. The large (76cm) Lite Cube weighs just 2.8kgs. With the Curv material, the more force you use on it, the more resistance you get. Add the TSA lock, practical interior, and ability to spin your case 360 degrees. Lite-Cube has five size options and comes in smart Graphite or elegant Ivory Gold designs.

I’m a multi-year convert to the Samsonite ultralight spinners.

When you try the Lite Cube, I’m sure you will be too.

Check out the size options, designs, and any discounts now – on this page at the official Samsonite store.

Samsonite Lite-Cube - Spinner M Suitcase, 68 cm, 67.5 Litre, Grey (Graphite) (Luggage)

Samsonite Lite-Cube – Spinner M Suitcase, 68 cm, 67.5 Litre, Grey (Graphite) (Luggage)

Made from the crazy light Curv material, the Lite Cube spinners are packed with quality features…more

Detailed Review of the Samsonite Lite Cube Spinner Luggage

Before I get to the sizes, some thoughts on the design. Lite Cube cases have ridges, though are less ‘fussy’ than the C-lite or Neopulse spinners. The lines are vertical, curving around at the top. Add the wheels – designed jutting out more than on other Samsonite cases – and you have a smart overall look. For me, these cases look closer to a traditional hard-shell than the others in the super lightweight class.

Here are the size options and capacity:

  • Small: 55cm, 20cm wide, 36.5l
  • Small v2: 55cm, 23cm wide, 43.5l
  • Medium: 68cm, 67.5l
  • Large: 76cm, 96l
  • Extra Large: 82cm, 112cm

You can choose from a dark grey (Graphite) design, of the metallic beige (Ivory Gold). These cases are made in Europe. They come with the Samsonite guarantee.

Inside View Lite-Cube Spinners

Features of the Lite Cube Spinner Cases

Those wheels are tough enough to stand frequent travel. They swivel around, so you can pull or push the Lite Cube cases in any direction. These cases stand upright when you let go.

On top you get a telescoping handle. There is a button on top to extend or return to the indented housing on top of the case. Handles on the side and top make these cases easy to store away or (for the hand luggage version) to pop into an overhead locker.

There is a simple combination lock, which has a TSA override for US travel. This type of lock is perfect for deterring casual thefts. You even get a name tag with this model.

The shell is made of ‘Curv’. This is a patented material that Samsonite developed. It is amazingly light; you really need to lift these cases to appreciate how crazy light they feel. Keep in mind that the metallic shells can scratch.

Inside the Lite Cube Spinner Suitcases

I was impressed by the brown fabric lining of the Lite Cube cases. Unusually, both sides are zipped, instead of the one open / one zipped standard. One side features a single big compartment. The other has two individual pockets.

Lite Cube TSA Lock

Feedback: What Did Owners of the Samsonite Lite Cube Cases Say?

The ‘wow,’ style comments about the weight of Lite Cube cases at multiple retail outlets were predictable. So were the grumbles about scratches. These metallic designs all pick up scrapes, you need to handle them with extra care.

Easy movement also came in for praise. I can’t imagine going back to two wheels after using a spinner.

Hugely positive feedback overall for this model. As ever, I recommend you read the latest feedback whichever suitcase you choose. This is always more insightful than a glossy marketing brochure.

Wrapping Up: Is the Lite Cube Spinner from Samsonite Right for You?

This model is perfect for anyone that would love the latest super-light luggage without the ‘out there’ designs of the Cosmolite or Neopulse spinners.

You get a choice of five sizes and two distinctive colour schemes. All come with spinner wheels, a TSA override lock and telescoping handle. Add the Curv material, quality interior and Samsonite quality, and you will see how these will quickly become your go-to luggage.

Check out the impressive zoomable gallery, and the latest (if avail) discount now, over on this dedicated page at the official Samsonite store.


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