Mountaintop 40L Hiking Backpack Review

Summary: The Mountaintop Hiking Backpack is a solid option for your next hiking, biking or camping trip. This compact backpack is also hand luggage approved for major airlines. You’ll immediately spot the smart design. There are some hidden benefits too. This is designed for even weight distribution, and easy organisation.  The Mountaintop 40L Hiking Backpack comes in a wide variety of colours – something for every personality! Check out the options and gallery over on the dedicated product page.

Detailed Review of the Mountaintop 40L Hiking Backpack.

This backpack is a compact 55x35x25cm with the main body of the pack being 52x32x24cm. The bags spacious design allows a capacity of up to 40 Litres, plenty enough for a weekend away. It is also very lightweight for the size of the bag being 820 grams. You’ll find padded straps, which add that bit of extra comfort. The bag is also ergonomically designed so the bag will fit around your body to help distribute weight effectively and efficiently. This protects your back. This case is also cushioned to promote air circulation and increase comfort level.

Pockets, Loops and Compression Straps

This bag is also well designed with multiple pockets and loops allowing you to take a wide variety of items with you. There are four compression straps which is perfect for those who want to tie up their hiking poles, sleeping bags or other important items. There is also a front loop which is ideal for tying jackets or other lightweight items to your backpack. There are two mesh bottle pouches which will enable you to keep well hydrated on a long hike. The pack also has a bladder sleeve, again allowing for a higher level of convenience while on a long hike. There is a hip belt pocket which is ideal for keeping your mobile phone and/or wallet. There is also a front pocket.

The Mountaintop 40l is small enough to qualify as hand luggage for major airlines, though not all of the strict low-cost carriers. It’s also has additional features to give the user that extra bit of security including a reflective band which will help those you are on your hike with to easily be able to see you and there is an emergency whistle buckle which is ideal if you are hiking, biking or camping in less than ideal conditions. The bag is also made from a water resitant fabric which is also an ideal feature for those looking to keep their important items protected whilst on a long hike.

Check out the fantastic picture gallery showing detailed external views including close up pictures of many fantastic features including the hip belt and pockets on this dedicated product page.

Feedback Mountaintop Backpack


What Previous Buyers Have Said About the Mountaintop 40L Hiking Backpack?

There clear majority of reviews for the Mountaintop 40L Hiking Backpack are positive, in fact users seem to love the backpack. One common theme that came up in the reviews was the bag being fit for purpose, it is useful on a hike and perfect for those looking for a handy bag for their next hiking trip. It’s well thought out design made it ideal for users to practically carry gear efficiently on their hike making there hiking trip easier. It’s spacious design allows you to take a lot with you on you hike meaning you don’t have to go without those items with you would ideally want with you. Reviewers seemed to love the compartments and extra add ons on the side of the bag allowing you to strap other important things on to the side of your bag. Users seemed to think that the bag was great value for money, a spacious option which is a convenient size for a weekend hiking trip or even a week-long trip, some users got extra use of this bag by also using it as a general backpack. People also seemed to love the padded straps which added extra comfort for the user, a great feature for those going on a long hike.

Inside View Mountaintop RucksackThere are some negative reviews however there are not many in comparison to the positive reviews. One negative that came up a couple of time was regarding quality issues stating that the backpack is not the quality they would expect for the price, this included comments on broken zips, smells etc. These are fair negatives however it may be due to a faulty item in the batch, overloading the backpack or seller issues rather than an issue with the backpack. Another comment that came up was that a couple of users said the bag was smaller than they expected. However, the size of the bag is well descripted on the product page and so this may not be a fair negative.

Overall this is the perfect bag for keen hikers, bikers or campers looking for a convenient lightweight backpack with a spacious design and a lot of capacity.

Wrap Up / Next Steps

The Mountaintop 40L hiking backpack is perfect for those looking for a great value for money option, that is spacious, great quality and convenient in design. The design of the backpack will allow you to take up to 40 Litres with you on your trip so you will be able to take a wide variety of items with you on your next trip. The multiple pockets and outside loops will allow you to be organised on your travels keeping items in place making your trip more convenient. The padded straps will allow extra comfort for the user making your next hiking trip more enjoyable. The bag comes in a variety of colours so you are sure to find something that suits you, check out this fantastic bag on this dedicated product page and see a wide range of detailed pictures which give detail on the fantastic features of this backpack.

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