Antler Marcus Siro Expandable Soft-Shell Suitcases

Summary: Compared to many soft sided cases in the Antler range, the Antler Marcus Siro have a certain elegance. There are 5 sizes available, and 2 different sets. These are spinner cases, with 4 wheels and a 3-position handle. There are three colours, with the classic black accompanied by a bright blue and deep purple design. I’m sure most people will go for the black. You get a combo lock with TSA over-ride – and the peace of mind that Antler bring in terms of quality of build.

Check out the close-up picture gallery, feedback and discount (if any) on this dedicated product page.

Antler Marcus Siro, Durable & Expandable Lightweight Soft Shell Suitcase (Black, Medium)

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Detailed Review of the Antler Marcus Siro Soft Suitcases

It is the rounded corners of the front section which set the Marcus Siro cases apart. These meet the main section, which curves the other way. Combined with the slimmer build, this creates an elegant profile – smart, without being loud or complex.

This page focuses on the sizes that you’ll check in. There are 5 sizes in total; cabin s, m and L (the larger one is 56cms tall, a little over the strictest flag carrier airlines), medium and large. The biggest is a giant 79cms tall, with the medium a more manageable 68cms.

The colours are black, blue and purple – there are bright red versions available from some outlets, though these are less common. All the cases are made of lightweight polyester. This has is splash resistant type material that will keep its looks for a long time.

Features of the Marcus Siro Range

Inside the Antler Marcus SiroEven the largest case in this Antler range has an extra zipped pocket across the front. The main compartment opens with double zips that go around 3 sides. Like most suitcases from this brand, the case opens towards the front. Instead of two equal sized sections, you get one deep compartment, and one slimmer one. There is a single zipped compartment inside – something that some buyers thought could have been added too.

That single deep section will appeal to many people. If you like to keep your things separated, then packing cubes are a cheap and effective solution.

There are two carry handles. One is on the side and the other on top. Add to this the multi-height telescopic pole used to pull or push the case along. The 4 swivelling wheels mean you can move this case in any direction.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Antler Marcus Siro Cases?

For the mid-range price point, these cases have collected a lot of positive reviews. Things that stood out include it being a huge step up from the budget cases – along with the smooth ‘spinner’ motion working well for most people.

Some people were concerned with the lack of inner pockets. As I mentioned above, the single deeper packing area is not for everyone. While packing cubes work well, you could consider a ‘half and half’ style spinner case if this is a concern.

There were a couple of quality issues, these did not show any patterns. Overall the feedback was fair, with several people taking time to point out minor potential improvements, while still giving a high rating overall.

Wrapping Up: Are the Antler Marcus Siro Cases Right for You?

If you are after something elegant and a little different – without being ‘loud’ then these cases should be on your shortlist. These are spinners, able to move in any direction on 4 swivelling wheels.

What is different with these is the single big compartment (and narrower inside pocket), plus the outside zipped pocket. Add to this the well-deserved reputation Antler have developed in this mid-price zone – and you have a soft-shell case range that could last for years.

For those that like matching sets, you can get 3 cases a lot cheaper than buying them individually this way.

Check out the gallery and colour options, and check for any discount now over on this dedicated product page.

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