Samsonite Prodigy Spinners from Samsonite

Summary: Prodigy Spinner cases from Samsonite stand out from the other designs. They have sharper, angular lines and subtly contrasting textures. The colour choices reflect this style. Black, ivory gold and a striking red / orange are available. You get spinner wheels, a combination lock with TSA override and angular telescoping handle. Internal pockets make Prodigy cases versatile.

For me, the decision on this range is instant.

If you love the design, then the Samsonite quality checks out perfectly. If the sharp lines are not for you, then check out the S’Cure or Omni ranges instead.

See these impressive cases from all angles and check for any discounts now – over on the dedicated Prodigy spinners page at the Samsonite store!

Detailed Review of the Samsonite Prodigy Hard-Shell Spinner Hand Luggage Suitcases

While you only get three colours to pick from, the Prodigy cases come in multiple sizes. They range from two hand luggage options to multiple check-in sizes. The smallest spinners are perfect for most airline sizing rules – though you need to check with the lowest costs carriers like Ryanair.

Here are the sizes for Prodigy spinners:

  • 55cm, 40l, 2.8kg
  • 55cm Expandible, 47l, 2.9kg
  • 69cm, 85l, 4kg
  • 75cm, 112l, 4.6kg
  • 81cm, 140l, 7kg

Note that not every colour and size combination works together. Supply chain issues aside, you can find out quickly by hitting the three colour options in turn below the price on the Prodigy Cases page at the Samsonite store.

Inside View Prodigy Spinner

Hard Shell and Spinner Wheels

Small wheels on Prodigy cases are what make this a popular pick. They rotate to move in any direction. The name ‘spinner’ comes from the fact that you can spin these cases around (works best on a tiled floor). They stand up on their own to push or pull along.

The telescopic handle is thinner than on some Samsonite cases. It has the same angular looks as the body.

That body is distinctive. The lines are clean, sharp and elegant. The feature front pocket is raised and the sides have a ‘chopped off’ curve. You get handles on the top and sides, and a combo lock which holds the zip heads at the top. There is a TSA override, which is great for travel to the USA.

Samsonite Prodigy Hard Shell Spinners: Practical Insides

Having a front pocket changes the setup significantly. This unzips to give you access to the front compartment, which has elasticated straps to stop things falling out. There are separate zipped (mesh and covered) pockets on the inside of the lid.

Open using the regular zips and the Prodigy cases work like any other with two sides. One had a supper cover with a separate zip going length ways. The insides are lined. I like this setup, it gives more options than regular ‘one zipped, one strapped’ cases. You won’t need to use all the pockets each time – but it is always a plus to have options.

Spinner with TSA Lock

Feedback: What Did Owners of Prodigy Cases Say?

Some concerns on this one about dents. Looking at the pictures supplied, this looks like either the case was dropped from a great height, or another case was dropped on top. Unfortunate for sure, though I can’t see how any other case would have survived the same thing. There are legitimate concerns about zip-heads coming off. I hope that Samsonite has addressed any quality issues with these by now.

Back to the positives (the majority of feedback at different outlets). The style of these cases is obviously a plus. Practical aspects, including the multiple pockets and especially that front pocket, came in for individual praise.

Overall, positive from users. As always, make sure you check the latest feedback for yourself… this is always more valuable than the marketing speak of the manufacturer.

Wrapping Up: Is the Prodigy Hard Shell Suitcase from Samsonite Right for You?

If you love the clean, elegant style and want a practical Samsonite case that will last and last – then the Prodigy is a decent option. The colour choices are black, Ivory gold and bright red. Prodigy cases come in five different sizes, including expandible options.

The super-light ranges like Neopulse and B-Lite have taken buyers away from traditional Samsonite hard-shell cases like these. Things have turned around, now it is hard-shell cases like this one which are unusual!

Check out the impressive close-ups and look for any new discounts now – over on the Prodigy cases page at the Samsonite store.


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