What to Pack for Gibraltar?

Make the Most of Your Trip to Gibraltar

Excitement starts as you come into land in Gibraltar, the British Overseas Territory located on the Southern tip of Spain.

This is because the runway crosses the main road into and out of the rock. Traffic is stopped while planes take off and land, continuing the journey when the barriers are lifted. Gibraltar is famous for its retro British feel – with red post boxes, police in domed helmets and fry-up breakfasts available. It is also well known for tax breaks, with many big international companies having offices there.

This page covers the highlights of Gibraltar, and those essential things you need to pack to make your trip a success.

Gibraltar Luggage Guide: Top Things to Do in Gibraltar

#1 – Enjoy the Skywalk on the Rock

Getting up the rock of Gibraltar was quite the challenge in the past. Roads go up, though you’ll soon need to shift to pathways and steps. These days, things are much easier, with a purpose-built skywalk offering panoramic views of the mouth of the Mediterranean and Spanish coast.

Rock of Gibraltar

#2 – Meet the Barbary Apes

Gibraltar is home to wild moneys, which live in large colonies on the rock. Many visitors enjoy a photo with them, though it is recommended not to make prolonged eye contact. You will find the Barbary apes on the slopes of the Rock.

#3 – Explore St Michaels Cave

This gigantic cave is unusual for its location. How many other caves get their start 300 meters above sea level? There are walkways inside, with rails for safety. You can check out the caverns, stalactites, and unusual rock formations halfway up the slopes.

#4 – Check out the Moorish Castle

The rich history of Spain includes conquests by the Moors. The partly restored Moorish castle takes you back to these amazing times. This was used to defend the Rock in a time before mechanised vehicles. The Moors were defeated in 1492 – ending 375 years of their rule.

#5 – Explore the Marina, Restaurants and Bars

Aside from the history and geology, Gibraltar is a thriving and modern community. Sit by the marina with a coffee or cocktail and watch the yachts of the rich and famous sail by. While the ‘overly English’ breakfasts are hard to miss, there are plenty of opportunities for quality dining too. If you feel like some Tapas, the thriving Spanish town of La Linea is just the other side of the road via the customs house.

Monkeys on Gibraltar

What to Pack for a Trip to Gibraltar?

This is a smaller destination, making it easy to cover everything in a couple of days. I’d recommend ditching the big checked in luggage and using a hand-luggage case instead.

Footwear is your single biggest consideration. All the key attractions involve walking, and many include steps. Pick comfortable shoes which have a good grip. If you choose to go ‘Spelunking’ unto the WWII tunnels, specialist equipment should be added to the best possible footwear. Those are not the only shoes you’ll need, something elegant for the rich and varied nightlife should also find its way into your luggage.

Even though Gibraltar is South of Spain, it can get chilly at night outside of the oppressively hot summer months. This means a cardigan or light jacket are must-pack items. In the summer, you need to make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen cream – and preferably a lightweight hat for use when the sun is at its midday peak.

This is an English language destination, though trips to Spain are so easy that that phrase book will always come in useful. If nothing else, a few words in Espanyol are a polite way to get a smile from the locals.

Wrapping Up: Best Time of Year to Visit Gibraltar

Like many destinations in this area, the heat in July and August is crazy. This makes Gibraltar ideal to visit during the shoulder months, May, June, and September are the perfect time to check it out. Those months come with the added boost of missing the extra-busy times of the British and Spanish school holidays.

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