What to Pack for a Trip to Jersey

History, Nature, and the Arts Make Jersey a Must-See Destination

At just 46.2 square miles, Jersey is on the small side for a nation.

Many people think of the largest channel island as being under British rule. In fact, it is a sovereign nation, a constitutional monarchy with its own laws and parliament. King Charles III reigns there. He is represented by the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey.

There are attractions all year round on Jersey. Avoiding the coldest winter months will give you the best of all worlds. You can enjoy the museums, tunnels, castles and forts – and also get the best from the beautiful beaches and stunning cliffs.

This page is part of my detailed ‘what to pack’ series. You’ll find a quick round-up of the best attractions and things to do below, with an emphasis on being prepared.

Here are some popular packing guides in this series:

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The Bailiwick of Jersey: Top Attractions and Activities

#1 – Miles of Tunnels

Jersey was occupied by German forces during the second world war.

They created a large network of underground tunnels, which were reinforced with concrete. These are known as the ‘Hohlgangsanlage’, and were never completed.

This fascinating historical relic is now a popular tourist attraction. You’ll learn about the history of the occupation, including the clever ways in which the population made do. There is an escape room, garden of reflection and museum to enjoy.

Make sure you pack a jumper or light jacket – it will get cool in the tunnels, even in the summer.

#2 – See Rare Species at Jersey Zoo

Jersey Zoo was established back in 1959 by Gerald Durrell as a conservation project.

The setting is stunning, with landscaped gardens covering 32 acres. Many areas have been adapted to match the natural habitats of the rare animals that live there.

You’ll find more than 100 species at Jersey zoo. Many of them are endangered, with conservation a big part of the zoo’s mission. Attractions include the Cloud Forest, Jewels of the Forest, Princess Royal Pavilion, a reptile centre, gorilla enclosure and many more.

I recommend you add an hour to your usual time for a zoo visit, as the number of attractions and quality level is worth that extra time.

Naturally, pack comfortable shoes and be prepared for Jersey’s changeable weather.

Gorilla in Jersey Zoo

#3 – Explore the Beautiful Beaches

You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to beaches in Jersey.

Some are smaller, well-serviced and great for families. Others are windswept with craggy rocks and lighthouses creating a truly authentic feel.

Pick a beach on the south of the island, and you’ll get the best of the day’s sunshine.

Popular beaches include:

  • Ouden’s Bay
  • Beauport Beach
  • Bouley Bay
  • Brelade’s Bay
  • Grouville Beach

Pack good shoes, especially out of season – as many of the beaches can get muddy. Naturally, you’ll need sunscreen, your swimming gear (check restrictions and flags) and that trusty bucket and spade.

#4 – Packing for Jersey: Shops, Restaurants and Museums in St. Helier

St. Helier is the biggest town on the Island, and is home to 33,500 people.

It feels like a step back in time, with shopping streets hosting boutique shops instead of the ubiquitous chains found in Britain. There are restaurants, cafes and bars and a thriving arts scene that comes to life – especially around Liberation day on the 9th of May.

St. Helier makes a fantastic base, and is convenient for museums that showcase the rich history of the Island. Visit the Military Museum, the Maritime Museum and the National Museum and Arti Gallery.

#5 – Castles and Forts: With Amazing Views of the Jersey Coastline

Castles were built to defend the islands at different points in Jersey’s history.

They range from the ruins of Groznes Castle to the solid walls of Mont Orgel Castle.

My number one pick is Elizabeth Castle. You can walk along the causeway to St Aubin’s bay to reach its rocky islet at low tide. Alternatively, there is an amphibious castle ferry. You get amazing views, and a real feel of the 400+ years that this castle spent defending the island.


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