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Mark’s Summary: I’m a big fan of Eastpak luggage – and their Pinnacle backpack did not disappoint me for this review. They are perfect for daily use, and versatile enough to be used for work, college or as a smaller carry-on when flying. You get a choice of designs (see below) and the quality you’d associate with the Eastpak brand.

Feedback from tens of thousands of users paints a familiar story for anyone which knows this brand. The simple 3-compartment setup, quality of materials and simple adjustability all get top marks.

Check out the full range of colours and get the latest price now – over on this Pinnacle Backpacks page at the official Eastpak amazon.co.uk store.

EASTPAK PINNACLE Backpack, 38 L - Black (Black) (Luggage)

EASTPAK PINNACLE Backpack, 38 L – Black (Black) (Luggage)

You’ll see the Eastpak quality right away, with 30+ colour options and a practical 3-pocket setup, these... more

Detailed Review of the Pinnacle Backpack Range from Eastpak

Let’s start with the size and colour options for the Pinnacle backpacks, before getting into the features.

These bags are 42cm x 32cm x 25.5cm.

Naturally, this is the dimensions when full when empty Pinnacle backpacks are almost flat. They are made from 100% polyester. You can wipe this clean easily, and it is hard-wearing enough for regular use.

There are too many colours to list here.

Black is the best-seller (as always!), through there are options for every taste. Maybe the peace-pink, vibrant blue or the floral designs suit you better?

You can see all the colours including impressive close-ups, over on the Pinnacle Backpacks page at the official Eastpak amazon.co.uk store.

Colour options Eastpak Backpacks

Compartments and Storage

I count these as three-compartment backpacks – though if you count the smaller zipped front mesh pocket, you’d reach four.

The main compartment is big. This is ideal for your laptop, schoolbooks or even your gym kit. There is a narrower second pocket, which has the same tagged zips as the main one.

There is then a step downward for the third pocket / compartment. It is big enough for cables, accessories, or smaller items more likely to get lost in the bigger pockets. Defintiely no shortage of pockets for the Pinnacle range – it’s just a matter of deciding which pocket you use for what!

At the front is a small mesh-covered pocket for those tiny easy to lose items.

Eastpak Pinnacle Backpacks Straps and Details

Inside the front pocket you’ll find a quality extra. This is a small mesh pocket with a zip. This type of small touch makes a difference between a trusted brand like Eastpak and the many no-brand knockoffs. The back panel is padded, as are the shoulder straps.

Other smaller touches are found on the straps. These are adjustable via a fastener, so the backpack fits snuggly. You’ll find d-rings on both straps, which allow you to clip on any extras. The straps clip together underneath, adding stability.

Straps Pinnacle BackpackFeedback: What Owners of the Eastpak Pinnacle Backpacks Said?

If there is one thing that jumps out from the feedback for the Pinnacle backpacks, it is that positives come from people in all walks of life.

Some people are enthusiastic about them for school use (the parents left the reviews, not the kids!), while others are positive about them as a smart work bag or for use while travelling.

The value gets specific mentions. While you can get cheaper backpacks, these are durable and have that quality you only get from a respected brand like Eastpak. It is no surprise that they last, or that people go back to this brand again after their first purchase.

There is a ton of feedback for the Pinnacle range of backpacks – plenty enough to get a hugely positive impression.

Wrapping Up: Are the Eastpak Pinnacle Backpacks Right for You?

If you are after a durable and smart backpack which will last for years, then look no further than the Pinnacle range.

With an excellent build quality, versatile 3-pocket setup and huge choice of colours / styles, these backpacks work in multiple roles. Eastpak have a reputation for quality, and the Pinnacle range only boost this further.

Check out the wide range of colour / style options and get the latest price now – over on this dedicated Pinnacle backpacks page on at the official Eastpak amazon.co.uk store!


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