Camouflage Design Suitcases from Hauptstadtkoffer

Summary: With so many black, blue and beige cases around, these Camouflage designed suitcases from Hauptstadtkoffer look fresh and new. I’m sure you will have no problem spotting this distinctive design on the luggage carousel of an airport. This is a mid-priced range. With the German brands you know you will get a solid build, along with attention to detail which makes for a long-lasting, practical case.

There are 5 more colours in the ‘military’ style range alongside the camouflage one pictured, check those out – along with the latest prices – over on this dedicated product page now!


Detailed Review of the X-Kolln Camouflage Suitcases Range from Hauptstadtkoffer

These hard-shell military styled suitcases are made from ABS. This is a light yet tough plastic, used by many of the leading luggage brands. It won’t break, even during the roughest of journeys.

As well as the colouring having a traditional camo design, these cases have distinctive patterns and ridges. I like the overall effect, with diamond shapes in the middle and unique shapes covering the sides. The greens, earth tones and sandy beiges are carefully selected – matching those used for decades in the forces. The main camouflage design is classic. It makes a statement, though is not garish or over the top.

Two Sizes or a Set of 2 Cases

Side View Camo CasesThe sizes are 55cms and 76cms. Broadly speaking check in and carry on (though some of the lower cost airlines might object). The smaller one is expandable up to 50 litres. The larger check-in one has a capacity of 120 litres. This is a mid-sized case; There are bigger ones from Hauptstadkoffer and other brands over at amazon.

Expansion is via the standard double zip setup used by many makers. You will find details over in my recent review of the Antler Clifton range.

These are spinner cases, with 4 tough wheels. The name comes from the fact that they can be literally spun around. On a more practical level, you can pull or push these cases along, depending on what type of flooring you are on.

Camouflage Suitcases: Small Extras and Inside Features

You get a TSA lock. This is a combination lock, with an override key for the US transport security people. It makes these cases suitable for travel to the USA, and will deter casual thefts in transit.

There are regular handles on the side and the top, with a push-button telescoping handle for pulling your case along. The logo is small enough that people won’t be asking about the hard to pronounce German name… this is on the front.

Inside, one side is covered, while the other side is secured with elasticated straps. The lining is nylon, with a dark, patterned design (the camouflage theme does not continue).

You get extra pockets on top the lining – a small touch that makes a big difference when you travel.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Hauptstadtkoffer Premium Camouflage Suitcases?

Hugely positive feedback for a suitcase in this price range. Many people complimented the robustness, with the style getting individual appreciation too. The word solid came up a good few times. There grumbles about the handle, though as a percentage of people that were happy, these are a small minority.

Several people stated that they were happy to buy from this maker in the future.

Whichever cases you choose, do read the comments / feedback before you buy. While the glossy marketing speak will give you the stats, only the comments give you real insight!

Wrapping Up: Is the Haupstadtkoffer Camouflage / Military Case Range Right for You?

If you like the style, then the practical aspects of these camo suitcases ticks all the right boxes. They are spinners, expandable, made from light and tough ABS and have pockets inside for those smaller items. With German design, you know your case will last. I think the price point of these cases represents excellent value – with many cases at 3x the price having similar specs.

This page focused on the camouflage design – there are 4 other options, each using classic military colouring.

Check them out – together with the latest feedback – over on this dedicated product page at now!


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