Samsonite Dream Rider Disney Luggage Review

Summary: If you thought Trunki have a monopoly on ride-along children’s luggage, then it is time to look again. The Samsonite Dream Rider range not only has sturdy wheels, they have a real Disney theme. You’ll find Minnie Mouse, Mickey and ‘Cars’ as well as some generic animal type cases. Samsonite say these are for 3 to 8-year-olds. They can be sat on and pushed or pulled along, with the kids taking responsibility for their own things packed inside. When you are not on holiday, they double up as fun toys (with some all-important storage).

You can check out all the options – and see the latest discounts over on this dedicated product page.

Samsonite Dream Rider - Children's Luggage, 51 cm, 28 Litre, Yellow (Cheetah C.) (Luggage)

Samsonite Dream Rider – Children’s Luggage, 51 cm, 28 Litre, Yellow (Cheetah C.) (Luggage)

Kids love the designs, and parents love the practical locks and safety features…more

Detailed Review of the Samsonite Dream Rider Disney Children’s Luggage

Though the designs and colours are strikingly different, the base cases are the same for each of the 8 designs. There are squat, curved and have 4 big plastic wheels. They measure 51x 22x 37cm. The capacity is 28 litres (though I’m not sure of making a direct comparison with regular luggage capacity quite applies to these children’s cases).

There are handles at the front, plus a place to clip the lead to pull it along. The clips to open the case are at the front and back. More on the inside and wheels below, first, the characters.

Dream Rider Cases from Samsonite: Cast of Characters

The big-name items are a blue one with Micky Mouse, pale pink one with Minnie Mouse and red one with both of them together. Here is the complete list, along with notable design features:

  • Betty Bee: Bright yellow with black stripes and a friendly bee face
  • Cars: This one is a bold red, with racing car designs on the side
  • Mickey: Blue with Micky propped on an elbow and letters behind
  • Mickey + Minnie: Red with both mice peeking over a table
  • Minnie: Bright pink with white dots behind Minnie Mouses’ face
  • Pony Polly: This is a darker pink colour, with some horse mane designs
  • Tiger Toby: Orange case with black stripes and friendly big cat face
  • Zebra Zeno: This one is black and white striped with a zebra face

You can see multiple pictures of all of the cases (including the inside) on this page at

Disney cases MinnieInside the Dream Rider Children’s Cases

These cases are not lined, and don’t have any fiddly compartments or pockets. They open in half with two simple clips, revealing a full 28 litres of storage capacity. The only extra are two elasticated straps. These can keep everything on the top half in place when you open the lid.

If you want to pack anything important into one (for a holiday), then some simple packing cubes like these ones will do the job perfectly.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Samsonite Dream Rider Disney Cases

Most people loved these cases and were happy to report back with some very positive feedback. Before we go further, the comments were not universally positive. Some users did experience issues with the wheels jamming.

The words ‘fun’ and ‘quality’ came up from many different commenters. Ages of children that these cases were bought for tended to be at the younger end of the spectrum.

Remember to check the feedback before you buy any case at amazon. However great a case looks, only the people that own one will be able to give you a fully accurate picture of what it is like.

Wrapping Up: Are the Samsonite Disney Dream Rider Cases Right for You?

When you compare these cases with Trunki, you’ll see a straight compromise. The Trunki cases have horns – and the Samsonite ones have the Disney tie-ins! Both have cute generic characters like bees, tigers and zebras, and both are designed to be a cross over between a ride along toy and a case / storage unit.

It is the versatility of these cases which makes them great as gifts (grandparents, aunties and cousins will understand!).

There are 8 designs to choose from, the only thing you need to do now is to match the character to the personality of the recipient.

Check out the designs, feedback and latest discounts for yourself now on this dedicated product page.

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