Summerfunk Cases from American Tourister

Summary: I’m smitten with the design of the Summerfunk cases from American Tourister. They are not brash, bold, or unique. Instead, they have clean lines, small stylish touches and a way of sitting up on the double wheel set at each corner which somehow just ‘works’. You can get the Summerfunk range in a wide choice of colours. This review is based on the black one. There are carry-on, small checked-in and larger sizes.

A lot of positive feedback for these cases. You can see the different size / colours, zoom in on the details – and check the latest discount (if any!), on this dedicated product page at – check it out now!

American Tourister Summerfunk Koffer, 68 cm, 77 Liter, Black (Luggage)

American Tourister Summerfunk Koffer, 68 cm, 77 Liter, Black (Luggage)

High functionality paired with a resistant look. Fully featured interior including cross ribbons in top and bottom compartment… more

Detailed Review of the Summerfunk Cases Range from American Tourister

For readers that are not already away – American Tourister is a brand under the ‘Samsonite’ umbrella. They are significantly more affordable, though when you see the quality, you will intuitively know that there is a connection.

There are 3 designs for the carry on (Bizz Smart, Strict, Expandible and the regular one). These are 55cms with up to 42 litre capacity for the non-expandible and 46 litres for the expandible version.

Medium cases are 67.5cms, with a 77-litre capacity. The large one is a big 79cms and will hold up to 119 litres.

Your colour options involve a dominant tone, with small touches in a contrasting tone. You can choose from the following:

  • Navy
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Red (Bright)
  • Teal (Bright)

They are made of water-resistant nylon, with a lighter frame from 2kgs and up.

Design and Key Outside Features

As with all cases, one look at the picture is often enough to know whether you like the overall look My eyes are drawn to the front panel. This has a Y design, with a curved zip and the contrasting orange down arrow at the bottom. Above this is the main front pocket – with has the American Tourister logo.

Most versions sit proud on 4 double wheels – these are marked as the ‘Spinner’ versions. The Upright one has 2 fixed wheels; you pull it behind you instead of beside or in front. The ‘Upright’ has plastic stoppers to keep it standing when you are not moving. The spinner version stands on those sturdy wheels.

The telescoping handle has a metal tone.

A special feature of the carry-on versions is an external USB port – they also have a combo lock with TSA override, which grabs the tops of the zips for security.

Summerfunk Inside

American Tourister Summerfunk Cases: Pockets and Inside

This range of suitcases opens from the front – not in the middle like most others. You get a deep pocket, which has elasticated straps to hold everything in place. The flap of the front has a mesh cover, along with its own elasticated strap and zip.

You get a separate curved pocket at the front for those documents or smaller items you need to access quickly.

Feedback: What Owners of the Summerfunk Cases Said?

Decent feedback for the Summerfunk cases. Multiple people noted that they would prefer a more expensive brand – though felt they got a bargain for the price. The positives include the durability, and of course the style. No major issues with faults with these cases. You are covered by the warranty.

I recommend you check the latest comments (at multiple outlets if possible). As part of the Samsonite brand, American Tourister cases have a great reputation on both quality and service. You just never know when that could change!

Are the Summerfunk Cases from American Tourister Right for You?

These cases are perfect if you want smart luggage, don’t want to have the same types as everyone else – and also don’t feel the need to stand out with garish colours or strange designs. American Tourister are the value brand from Samsonite – so you will know that you get great quality luggage.

You can choose from 3 slightly different designs for the carry-on version. They include 2 spinners and an upright. All include a USB for on the move charging. There are bigger versions, or you can go for the set.

Check out the colours, sizes, and that all-important customer feedback for yourself now – over on this dedicated product page!


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