Leopard Skin Print Suitcases from IT – The Indulging Range

Mark’s Summary: Indulging Leopard skin print suitcases from IT Luggage are, glitzy, eye-catching, and elegant. These hard-shell cases have gold trim. The surface is textured, with the high-gloss finish reflecting lights.

Of course, you get the quality components and build that all IT suitcases enjoy.

There are four sizes in the Indulging Leopard skin suitcases range. They range from a huge check-in size down to a stylish vanity case.

Check out the zoomable pictures of these unique cases, on this page at the official UK IT luggage store now!


Detailed Review of the Indulging Suitcases (Leopard Skin) from IT Luggage

If the leopard print does not make these hard-shell suitcases stand out, then the high-gloss finish will certainly catch the eye.

Before I get to the features and build, here are the four sizes. Note that you can buy a set at a better price than you’d get when buying each suitcase individually.

  • Large: 80cm x 56.5cm x 34cm – 159 litre capacity when expanded – 5.06kg
  • Medium: 70cm x 49.5cm x 30cm – 107 litre capacity when expanded – 4.10kg
  • Cabin: 54cm x 36.5cm x 24cm – 47 litre capacity when expanded – 2.89kg
  • Vanity: 35cm x 17cm x 30cm – 17 litre capacity – 1.25kg

A couple of thoughts on these numbers. First, these are not the lightest suitcases – especially from a brand like IT Luggage which is famous for their super-light products. That said, they are not especially heavy when compared to other similarly priced brands.

Second, the cabin is at the limit of acceptable for the bigger airlines. You are unlikely to get away with using the 6.4cm expansion if you are flying on a low-cost airline.

Spinner Wheels Close Up IndulgingOutside Features and Wheels

Gold trimmed spinner wheels jut out a little from the main case. These are sturdy enough for many trips to come, and swivel 360-degrees. Only the vanity case lacks the full spinner setup.

You get a narrower telescoping handle than many cases in the IT range. I felt this works well with the elegant / eye-catching design compared to the handles which go right across the top.

Small touches to the exterior shell include a ridge at the bottom, along with glamourous textured surface. This case is easy to wipe clean – though in my experience you’ll pick up scuffs and scrapes on any high-gloss finish with repeated travel. If leopard skin is not out-there enough for you, check out the moo-cow print on this page instead!

You get a combination lock with TSA override (great for US trips as well as day-to-day security). There are handles on top and the side too.

Inside the Leopard Skin Indulging Suitcases

First, all three suitcases (not the vanity) can expand. This is the standard extra zip setup, which is tucked inside as soon as you open it.

Inside is not leopard print! Instead, you get a gunmetal shaded polyester lining with the IT Luggage logo.

The standard one open / one closed layout it used. The open section has a black elasticated strap to keep larger items in place. The opposite side closes fully and has an extra meshed pocket (the contents are visible when you open your case).

Overall, this is a standard interior – adding practicality to the eye-catching leopard skin of the outside.

Inside View Leopard Print Luggage ITFeedback: What Do Owners of IT Luggage Say?

What jumps out of the comments on all different IT luggage lines is that the value vs quality works great.

When you compare the price of IT suitcases with rival brands like Samsonite or American Tourister, they are excellent value. Yet the build quality, designs and extras are top-rated. While these leopard print cases won’t get the shocked enthusiasm of the super-light options, I can see no reason why they won’t be a huge success.


Wrapping Up: Are the Indulging Suitcases with Leopard Print Design Right for You?

If you love the look of these cases, then there is nothing in the spec or build quality that would stop you buying.

IT Luggage offer a 10-year warranty (for complete peace of mind).

With spinner wheels, a tough polycarbonate shell and combination lock – the indulging range has everything you need. While heavier than some cases in the IT luggage store, they are average compared to other brands.

As well as these leopard print ones, there are moo-cow prints and an elegant floral option too.

Check out the impressive close-ups now – over on the Indulging suitcases page at the official IT luggage store.


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