Samsonite Spark SNG Suitcases

When it comes to hard-wearing soft-shell spinner suitcases, the Spark SNG range from Samsonite ticks every single box.

This is a range of cases which share a classical style, tough materials, and the quality you’d expect from this global brand. There are external pockets, spinner wheels and an innovative way of locking every pocket with one combination lock. Add the choice of sizes and colours, and you will quickly see why the Spark SNG spinners are best-sellers. You can now get ‘Eco Boost’ versions, which use patented recycled materials.

See the impressive close-ups and full range of colour options now, over on this dedicated SNG Spark page at the Samsonite store.

Samsonite Spark SNG - Spinner L Expadable Suitcase, 79 cm, 140 Litre, Black (Luggage)

Samsonite Spark SNG – Spinner L Expadable Suitcase, 79 cm, 140 Litre, Black (Luggage)

Spark SNG are the most popular soft-shell cases from Samsonite, and for good… more


Detailed Review of the Samsonite Spark SNG Soft-Shell Spinner Suitcases

This section covers the classic Spark SNG cases. I have described the newer Eco Boost versions in a separate section below.

The first major difference between the Spark range and others is the sheer number of size options available. Most are at the ‘small’ end, with regular M, L and XL also available.

  • 35cm / 55cm (S), 38l
  • 40cm / 55cm (S), 43l
  • 40cm / 55cm (Upright Expandible), 57l
  • 55cm (S, Top Pocket), 43l
  • 55cm, (S, Top Pocket, Expandible), 57l
  • 56cm, (S), 62.5l
  • Medium, Expandible, 67cm, 92l
  • Large, 79cm, Expandible 140l
  • XL, Expandible, 82cm, 173l

That is quite the list! If you are after check-in luggage, the 56cm one will only work for the most generous airlines – otherwise a 55cm (without expansion) will work better.

Not every size is available in every colour. The base options are black, dark blue and petrol blue (a lighter blue with a steely grey tone).

Outside Features of the Samsonite Spark SNG Spinners

All cases have double spinner wheels on each corner. These are tougher than they look and allow you to push or pull your case using the thin telescoping handle. As an extra, Spark cases stay standing up when you stop.

They are made of toughened polyurethane. This looks like fabric to the naked eye, though feels more like plastic. It is water and stain resistant and can be wiped clean easily – just the right material for hard working luggage. Corners have plastic piping for extra protection. There are handles on the top and side for easy handling.

A combination lock is located on the side. This links the front opening zips and outside pockets via a metal string. While it won’t stop anyone determined, this type of security is a must-have to deter casual theft in transit these days. There is a TSA lock override, perfect for trips to the USA.

Inside View Spark SNG Spinners

Inside Features and Compartments

SNG Spark suitcases have a single deep compartment and smaller one on the opening. There are elastic straps on the deeper section. That said, I always like to use packing cubes for suitcases with this setup. Inside the lid you get a zipped compartment, which you can see through (mesh).

The addition of two external pockets makes a big difference for me. Both are towards the top of the case, with double zips. They provide easy access on the move, plus somewhere separate to keep anything small or important.

Samsonite Spark SNG Eco Spinners

A quick note for this addition to the Spark range – I will add a separate review when I get one.

These cases keep the same classic design and add recycled material. The fabric is ‘Recyclex.’ This is made from recycled plastic bottles. Add some cork for the logo and handles, and you have an eco-friendly and stylish range of cases.

The features list is identical, and you get a full range of sizes (including expandible options) to choose from.

SAMSONITE Spark SNG Eco Spinner 79 Expandable Suitcase, cm, 140 liters, Black (Eco Black) (Luggage)

SAMSONITE Spark SNG Eco Spinner 79 Expandable Suitcase, cm, 140 liters, Black (Eco Black) (Luggage)

All the Spark style, with recycled material and cork trim – you get a choice of sizes too… more

Feedback: What Do Owners of the Samsonite Spark SNG Soft Shell Cases Say?

Spark cases have been popular for years and have accumulated plenty enough feedback across different retailers to form an accurate picture. This feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with very few grumbles other than people struggling to set the lock (note: you get instructions, which are the same as almost every suitcase, and easy!).

Toughness of the material gets specific complements, with many buyers noting that they stand the rigour of regular use well. People also liked the capacity, especially for the expandable versions.

You need to make sure you get the right size. People love to vent their fury at not being able to take hand luggage onboard, don’t get caught out (especially with those low-cost airlines).

Popular Spark SNG Spinners (Eco)Wrapping Up: Are Spark SNG Suitcases from Samsonite Any Good?

The Spark range did not become the most popular soft-shell suitcases from one of the biggest suitcase brands for no reason. Classic looks, tough material and a huge choice of sizes and expansion options is a great starting point. Add the Samsonite quality, plus the small details like the all-zips lock and front pockets, and you have a case that ticks every single box.

Better still, Spark cases have regular discounts at the official Samsonite store at

Check out the close-up pictures and read the positive feedback for yourself now – over on the Spark SNG cases page on at the official Samsonite Amazon store!


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