Antler Translite Soft Shell Carry On

Mark’s Update: Great news for Antler luggage fans, the Translite range has been updated – with the impressive replacements found in the ‘Prestwick’ range.

I love the style and quality – and you’ll get a choice of four colours.

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Summary: Soft shell cases can look as stylish as any of the new hard-shell ones that seem to be everywhere these days. The Translite from Antler is a great example. This burgundy spinner is within the carry-on / hand-luggage dimensions of major airlines and looks smart and stylish at the same time. As you’d expect from a brand with a long history like Antler, quality is high. There are small details like multiple carry handles, 360-degree spinner wheels and a combo lock which show you are getting a lot of value from a mid-range price.

There are close up photos, the full (detailed) spec and feedback from people who already own one over on this product page.

Detailed Review of the Antler Translite Durable and Expandable Spinner

The first thing you’ll notice about this case is the rich colour. This burgundy does not jump out at you. It has a smart, warm and distinctive feel without being garish. The styling has panels of different shapes with slightly different shades. The curved sides are protected and the wheels sit out slightly – giving a stable look at feel. You get a bronze coloured Antler badge on the front.

Dimensions are 55x 40x 20cm – which is within the guidelines of the major airlines for hand-luggage (though not the likes of Ryanair).

Translite cases are made from a unique polyester which has been produced with durability in mind. This is hard wearing material Antler say that these cases would be perfectly suited to regular travellers. It weights in at a little over 2kgs and has a more than average 33 litre carrying capacity.

Special Features of the Translite Hand Luggage from Antler

When you see the translate case open, you’ll notice a big difference. Instead of unzipping from the middle, the front comes off. This makes excellent sense. You get a deep area to store your things. This has a compression strap to hold down those larger items. There is also a pocket on the side, which has its own zip (together with a pull cord).

Inside the front you’ll get an additional separate compartment.

The handle locks in two places, giving you some flexibility. If you have not yet owned a spinner suitcase, check out the wheels. These all swivel 360 degrees. This lets you push the case as well as pulling it.

Outside also gets a combination lock. This is perfect for peace of mind on a flight – deterring any casual thefts. A TSA Over-ride is included (not sure this is needed for hand luggage, but hey).

Finally, this case can expand to carry extra clothes (for example). This is a great option when you don’t quite need a bigger case – though do keep in mind it will make this Antler bag too big for most hand-luggage rules.

Translite Antler Open ViewFeedback: What Previous Buyers Said About this Soft-Shell Antler Carry On?

There is not yet a huge amount of feedback from buyers of this case – though what there is has been very positive. In general Antler are a highly regarded brand. While they might not have the big profile or Samsonite or American Tourister, they do have a lot of loyal fans.

What comes across in a lot of feedback for their products is that it works and looks exactly as advised. There are no ‘nasty surprises’ or dodgy camera angles giving you a false impression.

New feedback is coming in all the time – so do make sure you go back to review it.

Wrapping Up: Is the Burgundy Antler Translite the Best Carry On for You?

If you want a carry-on case that is different without being ‘out there’ or garish in any way – then this one ticks all the right boxes. It has a distinctive style, hard wearing polyester, and comes in at a very reasonable price for the build quality.

There are some extras, spinner wheels are always a big plus. Add to this the unique way in, combo lock and front pockets and you have a robust and good-looking carry on that should last for years (even with frequent use).

Check out the full gallery and latest price now on this dedicate product page


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