Pierre Cardin Soft Shell Suitcases

Summary: Pierre Cardin ‘Cion’ luggage takes the design ethic of the infamous Italian / French designer and creates a soft-shelled suitcase range. It is the sleek lines, small contrasting colour touches and stylish dimensions which make these cases stand out. What I like best about them is that you get some designer flair without breaking the bank.

There are plenty of practical features to go with the good looks. They include 4 spinner wheels, multiple compartments, and a telescopic handle. These cases are light too – so you will not be using up that precious weight allowance unnecessarily.

Check out the design options / colours and the (hugely positive) feedback from people that have already bought one, over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now!

Detailed Review of the Cion by Pierre Cardin Soft Shell Suitcases

Plenty of options for both size and colours in the Pierre Cardin cases range. Here is the list of sizes:

  • Small 4 Wheels
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Carry On
  • Holdall

All the options can me matched – you can have a holdall and a carry on spinner which match your main check in case.

Just 4 colour options, it is the contrasting highlights which give these cases their style.

  • Black and Grey (almost white contrast)
  • Grey and Orange
  • Navy and Grey
  • Purple and Light Grey

You get the Pierre Cardin logo vertically alongside the top-to-bottom zip on the front of the cases in the contrasting colour.

Practical Features and Build Quality

Holdall from Pierre CardinOn the outside you get EVA material. This is hardy and will survive the hold and baggage carousel no problem. You can wipe it clean easily. The frame is light. The biggest case is a small 2.9kgs. Only the expensive options from the big luggage brands are cheaper than this.

You get 4 spinner wheels. These go in any direction, making it possible to choose between pushing and pulling your Pierre Cardin cases. There is a multi-stop telescopic handle which fits snug into the top of the case when not in use.

There is a carry handle on the side in the contrasting colours – plus one on the top.

Pockets and Storage for the Pierre Cardin Cases

These soft shell cases have multiple pockets from the outside. There is a large front pocket with a wrap around zip, plus long zipped pocket for documents. The inside is lined, with an open side and pocket side. Straps are on each side (not the common cross-over ones).

A great touch is the mesh cover for the opposite side. This lets you see what is inside before you open it. There is a long / thin pocket for those smaller and more important items.

Note that this case does not come with a lock.

Feedback: What Owners Said About the Pierre Cardin Luggage Options

Hugely positive feedback for the Pierre Cardin cases collection. Often with the fashion brands, you get people grumbling about the build quality. This is the opposite. There are a couple of grumbles about the size – so you might need to choose wisely there.

The quality, practicality and materials got positive feedback from multiple people. The style also got praise.

Remember to check out the latest feedback for hints on quality and service – things change fast in the world of luggage!

Wrapping Up: Are the Pierre Cardin Suitcases Right for You?

You will already know whether you love the style. If you do, then the question with all the fashion brand luggage is whether it matches up with the quality of the main luggage providers?

For the Pierre Cardin range, the answer is a resounding yes.

Spinner wheels, multiple pockets, EVA materials and a big choice of sizes and shapes are available. Buyers have been hugely positive (in an area where people are fast to complain).

If you love the style, and still want quality cases, then Pierre Cardin ticks all the right boxes.

Check out the colour combinations and sizes – along with the latest feedback – over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now!

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