Antler Business 200 Mobile Office Carry On Case

Mark’s Update: Good news for Antler luggage fans – their range has been updated, and anyone looking for business-ready hand luggage will love the new carry-on spinners in the Brixham range.

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Summary: The Antler Business 200 carry-on has been designed with laptops, documents and business trip accessories in mind. The first thing you’ll notice is the distinctive Antler style. When you get inside, you’ll find plenty of compartments, including a big front pocket for documents while on the go. With solid wheels, super-tough water-resistant polyester and a lock on the side, this case is designed for frequent business travellers. Based on the positive feedback from previous buyers, this case fulfils its role perfectly.

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Detailed Review of the Antler Business 200 Mobile Office Carry-On Case

First, the dimensions and capacity. This case is at the maximum to qualify as hand luggage for major airlines – at 55x 40x 20cms. It does expand, so this assumes you did not take advantage of this. It holds an impressive 36 litres. On top of this decent capacity you should keep in mind that Antler cases open towards the front. This makes the inner compartment deeper than on the standard designs which open in the middle.

This case weighs in at only 2.6kgs. Key here is the hard-wearing though light polyester which Antler use for the outside of their cases. There is plenty of padding and lining layers in between the cover and your laptop / belongings inside.

Pockets and Handles

With Antler carry on bags, you get a deep main compartment. The opening is thinner, giving more room in a zipped compartment in the main section. In addition to the garment compartment, you get a sleeve for your laptop (all sizes). The outside of the opening part is also a big zipped pocket. This is for use on the go. It is not secured with a combination lock which holds the zip heads like the main compartment.

You’ll get handles on the top and side, plus a telescopic pulling handle. There is also a strap. One question on amazon asked about backpack handles. While this doubles up as a laptop bag and carry-on luggage – it does not go as far as adding backpack capabilities.

This case has two solid wheels. These are built for durability, not for fancy 360-degree swivelling.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Antler Business 200 Mobile Office Laptop Bags

Feedback for Antler bags shows a pattern, even with so many different products aimed at different types of traveller. That pattern is that the cases are great quality for the price – and follow the pictures / descriptions very closely. Some products might get creative with their wording / descriptions, Antler seem to tell it like it is!

Overall, the feedback for this product is super-positive (albeit not the biggest sample). Only one negative – a problem with a seam, so that one seemed justified.

Wrapping Up: Is the Office 200 Carry-On from Antler Right for You?

Equivalent spec laptop bags can get very expensive. The Antler Business 200 range seems to hit that sweet spot between value and style. This is a mid-priced bag with a decent spec and distinctive good looks. If you have ever noticed the Samsonite clones that fill the overhead bins, you’ll certainly see the positives of a new style.

With inner compartments, solid wheels and a lock with TSA override. These laptop bags certainly tick all the right boxes.

Check out the feedback, gallery (including details) and latest price for yourself now on this dedicated product page.

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