Karrimor Waterproof Dry Bag Review

Summary: A dry bag is invaluable at the beach, on a rainy day or when keeping things dry in transit. This range of dry bags from Karrimor hits the most popular list at amazon in its category – for several good reasons. It is lightweight, comes in different size / colour combinations, and won’t break the bank. It does have use as a day bag for beach or maybe boating excursions. It really comes into its own as an easily removable liner to protect your things inside another bag. Very positive feedback from owners of this item.

Check that feedback and the big colour selection on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Karrimor Drybag 2L - Red (Apparel)

Karrimor Drybag 2L – Red (Apparel)

The Karrimor Drybag is an essential accessory for your next adventure, with a waterproof design and a durable nylon taffeta construction….more

Detailed Review of the Karrimor Dry Bag

What you’ll get is a tube-shaped bag in a selection of vivid colours. These are colour coded, with each size a different colour. The smallest is 2 litres, just big enough for your documents, keys, phone and a few bits and pieces. The biggest is 40 litres. This would be too big for hand luggage (on most airlines), though smaller than a suitcase.

These bags are made of lightweight waterproof nylon. This has pros and cons. The big benefit is that they are light. You will not be using much packing weight or room to add one to your main luggage. The drawback is that you can’t drag your bag or over-fill it without risking a tear.

Fold Over Clipped Opening

Having a waterproof seal at the top is just as important as the material used to make these bags. This is a fold over type. You pull the edges at the top together, fold them down and then clip with a plastic lock. The pressure of the lock keeps the bag folded. This is very easy to do. It has the advantage that you can open the bag very wide.

Some people asked about using these dry bags to take wet things. A perfect example is wet swimming gear and towels after a day at the beach / pool. This is not just a common use, it is a great idea – the bags work both ways as waterproof.

If you have a rucksack or non-waterproof suitcase, a small Karrimor dry bag is a great place to keep documents and electronics. This is especially important if you are carrying liquids in your bathroom bag

Feedback for the Karimoor Dry Bags

What Previous Buyers Said About the Karrimor Waterproof Dry Bags?

Overall, buyers were very happy with these bags. Several commenters have pointed out that they are thinner than expected – though this does not seem to have affected use. The consensus is that these bags work well, though are not tough enough to be used as your main bag.

People mention using them in many situations, including golfing, camping, and of course in the context of wet swim gear.

It is always a good sign to see people going back to buy more. This is the case here, for me, this says a lot more than simply leaving a positive review!

Wrap Up: Will This Karrimor Bag Keep Your Stuff Dry?

These bags have multiple uses. You can use them as a beach / pool style day bag. This works great for keeping your things dry while there, then doubles up as a way to get your wet gear back to your hotel again. You can also use them as a luggage liner, keeping your important things dry.

I like the colour coded sizes, though this does rely on the size you want not being too extreme in colour!

Check out the options, and see the clever roll-up tops for yourself now on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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