Vesgantti Lightweight Hardshell Luggage

Summary: If you are looking for a value for money suitcase with a lifetime warranty then this is the suitcase for you. Vesgantti are clearly confident in this case to offer a lifetime warranty which will give the buyer that extra bit of security. The suitcase comes in three sizes, a small size which could fit as hand luggage on multiple airlines, there is also a medium and large option. For those looking for lots of space of travelling with family or friends you can also buy a set of three one of each size at a cheaper price than if you were to buy three individual suitcases.

This bag is stylish (almost striking) in design and will be easily noticeable on airport carousels, this bag can be purchased in blue or yellow, note that some buyers have mentioned slight colour differences when in strong sunlight. Check out this stylish suitcase on this dedicated product page to see a variety of great pictures. At the time of this review this suitcase was being sold at a generous discount, so don’t delay check this suitcase out today!

[Lifetime Warranty] Vesgantti Lightweight Luggage Set Hardshell Travel Luggage 4 Dual-wheels Suitcase (20”)

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Detailed Review of the Vesgantti Hardshell Dual Wheels Suitcase

These suitcases are a fantastic option if you are looking for a sturdy hard-shell suitcase, that is stylish and will easily stand out on airport carousels – and do not want to shell out the big money for a Tumi or American Tourister case.

The suitcases come in many different sizes and colours so you can find an option that will suit you. It is made from ABS and PVC which is extremely strong, and adds flexibility which will help to reduce the risk of damage . This is one of the factors that helps to make Vesgantti so confident in the suitcase that they offer a lifetime warranty. It is stylish, and smart. Navigation will be easy with this suitcase; the four wheels allow you to move the it 360 degrees without lifting. The handle is also adjustable so you can have it at a length that will be comfortable for your height, this will help to make your journey easier and more comfortable. The interior of this case is spacious in design which will allow you to make the most of your luggage allowance without dead space. The interior of the bag also has a divider pad and a mesh pouch which will allow you to easily separate your important items, helping you to be organised whilst travelling.

The smallest case is a size that would-be hand luggage approved on some airlines. It is a cheap price for a hard-shell suitcase of this size. The size of the case including the handles and wheels of the suitcase is 40x24x56cm, which is quite large for a small suitcase. It will hold up to 29 litres and the spacious design will allow you to make the most of your luggage allowance. The case weighs 2.9kg so is a lightweight option that will help you to easily navigate the suitcase. Buyers of the small option seem to love the suitcase as it is easy to use and stylish.

The medium sized suitcase is perfect for those requiring a bit of extra space. The suitcase is approximately 45x26x66cm including handles and wheels, you can fit up to 59 litres in this suitcase which is a very large amount for the size of the case showing how spacious and well designed the case is. This suitcase weighs 3.8kg which is lightweight for the size of the suitcase. Buyers of the medium sized suitcase described it as lightweight, well designed and a distinctive style.

The largest suitcase is great for those going on slightly longer trips between 1-2 weeks away. It is approximately 49x29x76cm including handles and wheels. The suitcase has a capacity of 96 litres, which is a lot for the size of bag. It weighs 5.2kg which is very light for the size of this bag helping you to really make the most of your luggage allowance. This is an ideal option if you are going on a longer haul trip away. Previous buyers of the large option have said the bag is sturdy, spacious and that they love this suitcase.

There is also an option where you could buy all three sizes together saving a large amount of money. Buyers of this option have said it is a long lasting, spacious and easily visible suitcase. Check out detailed pictures of each size on this on this dedicated product page. Note that many of the pictures have descriptions on them about the product helping to show all of the features.

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What Previous Buyers Have Said About the Vesgantti Hard-Shell Dual-Wheels Suitcase?

People seem to love the Vesgantti dual-wheels suitcase, the consensus is that it is amazing quality and a low price for a spacious hard-shell suitcase. People think that this bag is very well constructed, it’s hard-shell design making it durable helping it to survive repeated airport trips easily and its spacious design allowing you to make the most of your luggage allowance without dead space. Buyers said that the four wheels made it easier to navigate the suitcase, this is great for those looking for something easy to navigate through busy airports, streets or hotels. The zips for this suitcase have been described from reviewers as strong and sturdy, this was great for users who have had cases from other makers where the zip has broken after only a few uses. Reviewers also seemed to love the design describing it as attractive, eye-catching and stylish. People love the colour of the suitcase, it increases the attractiveness of the product and makes it easier to spot on the airport carousel. The lightness of the suitcase has also made the navigation easier for buyers, making the bag easier to lift and pull.

There were a couple of negative reviews about the Vesgantti dual-wheels suitcase, however there are very few in comparison to the positives. These negatives describe the colour not being right, it not looking as they thought it would etc. These negatives could be a matter of personal perception and high expectations. A couple of positive reviewers mentioned the colour being slightly different in strong sunlight which could also be a reason for this issue. The bag is a good value case for the money and most users seem to love it.

Overall if you are looking for a hard-shell suitcase that is a suitable size for hand luggage on multiple airlines then this could be the bag for you. It is great quality, spacious and well-constructed. Check out the fantastic reviews for yourself!

Wrap Up / Next Steps

This is a great suitcase for those looking for a stylish, easy to spot, hard shell case that is good value for money. Its four wheels and lightweight design will allow you to move it 360 degrees without lifting the bag. The small sized suitcase is a size that is hand luggage approved for multiple airlines which should make the journey easier and less stressful for travellers. With the lifetime warranty adding that little bit of extra protection for buyers this bag is a great option. Check out the different sizing options and pictures of this bag from various angles including internal views on this dedicated product page. Note that many of the pictures have descriptions on them about the product.

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