Bedtime Bliss Eye Mask Review

Summary: Ever tried those free eye masks that some airlines provide long-haul? If so, you’ll know exactly what is coming next… They are flimsy, sometime scratchy, and leaky (in terms of the light coming in). For a small investment, you can get a seriously good eye mask / sleep mask. Not only will this help you with travel, you can use it at home too. This one from Bedtime Bliss comes with a bag and with ear plugs too.

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Detailed Review of the Bedtime Bliss Eye Mask / Sleep Mask

What you’ll receive is a black pouch. You open this to reveal a padded eye mask, with the Bedtime Bliss logo on the front. Immediately you’ll notice that it is padded. This is both thicker and softer than the disposable type eye masks. It is also very lightweight.

A selling point is the gap between the mask and your eyes. This enables REM sleep (where your eyes can move), with no disturbances. One buyer also commented that it did not affect her makeup or fake lashes in the same way the more flimsy ‘clingy’ sleep masks do.

There is an ergonomic design, especially with the nose part. This is shaped so there is no leakage of light around the nose. If you have ever suffered from this, then you’ll realise how distracting it can be.

The finish is a soft satin-line material (though not as shiny as Satin). This is not just good for travel, anyone who sleeps during the day, naps, or wants to sleep while their partner stares for hours at a smartphone could take advantage of this model.

Ear Plugs Come Too

Save yourself having to order separate ear-plugs – as these come with the mask. These are simple, and according to an ‘answered question’ on the amazon page, they are Moldex pura-fit. When you are sat next to someone noisy, these could be a great addition!

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What Previous Buyers Said About the Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask

There are some entertaining comments for this one… for example one question asked whether this is suitable for driving! I will leave it to your imagination what the answer was to that one.

In general, the tone of the feedback is slightly surprised – in a positive way. A lot of users have found that these are a real cut above regular (cheap / flimsy) masks. Some people are swearing by them, and intend to give them as gifts.

Considering that these are the best-selling eye masks on, I’m surprised how few negative / moany comments there are.

Wrapping Up: The Bedtime Bliss Sleep / Eye Masks

It is hard enough to sleep on a plane even when all the factors line up in your favour. Light, TV screens and people moving up the aisle easily disturb you just at the moment you were nodding off.

For a tiny investment, this eye mask will solve all of these issues.

It is light enough to slip into your hand luggage, soft enough that it will not scratch or irritate and ergonomically designed to block out all the light. Those ear plugs can be seen as a welcome extra.

Check out the gallery, and the (often funny) q and a section for yourself over on this dedicated product page.

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