American Tourister Air Force 1 Review

Summary: The American Tourister Air Force 1 is a high end hard-shell suitcase with striking good looks! A unique design features a diamond effect pattern. The colours go from light to dark to give it a unique effect. Not only will this case be easy to spot on the carousel, you’ll feel great pushing it. There are 3 sizes, as well as a choice of colours. The smallest size is cabin approved on multiple airlines including RyanAir, British Airways and EasyJet. It is ideal if you are planning a trip to US as the security features include a TSA over-ride. For me, the Air Force 1 from American Tourister has that Samsonite quality, with distinctive good looks.

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American Tourister Air Force 1 4 Roues 76/28 TSA Extensible Grad Valise, 76 cm, 111 L, Gradient Blue

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Detailed Review of the American Tourister Air Force 1 4 Roues

If you are looking for a stylish suitcase that will stand out from the crowd this could be a good option for you. The innovative diamond shape and colour design is eye-catching.  Designed to be very spacious allowing you to really make the most out of your luggage allowance. In fact the Medium and large size option offer extra expandability. You will be able to easily organise your items thanks to the the elastic cross-ribbons and mesh divider pad with a zipped pocket.

Designed with your comfort in mind, there are comfy soft touch handles. The four-wheeled design will allow you to move the suitcase 360 degrees without lifting. A TSA lock will allow you to keep your items safe and secure, giving you that bit of extra protection. It is also ideal for those planning trips to the US. Security there can forceably open any case without a lock over-ride. The Air force 1 has a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

3 Size Options Available

The small option is a size that is cabin approved on multiple airlines including Ryanair, EasyJet and British Airways. It is 20x40x55cm in size and has a capacity of up to 34 Litres. It is a very lightweight option at 2.6kg. The spacious design will allow you to make the most out of your baggage allowance. The medium option for this suitcase is 46x66x32cm and has a capacity of up to 81 litres. It is a also a lightweight option at 3.6kg which should make it easier to move around a busy airport, train station or street.

The large option is a suitable size for long-haul flights. You could fit enough in this size of suitcase for up to two weeks away. It is 50x76x34 cm and has a capacity of up to 111 litres. The bag weighs 4.1kg which is very lightweight for the size.

Air Force 1 cases comes in multiple bright and fun colour options. These have a gradual light to dark effect. There are matt and shiny versions. Unlike with some other brands, there are a lot of separate listings at for the different colours. If you don’t find one you like, scroll down to the ‘Customers who viewed this item also viewed’ list – you’ll find plenty more options there.

This  dedicated product page is the right place to start!Feedback Air Force 1 from American Tourista

What Previous Buyers Said About the American Tourister Air Force 1 4 Roues?

One common theme from the reviews is that many found this suitcase stylish, saying it visually stood out. Great for those looking for something that will stand out on an airport carousel. Another feature that reviewers seem to love is how lightweight the product is. Many saying that it is very lightweight in comparison to other cases allowing you to easily move the suitcase – and to make the most out of your baggage allowance. Buyers felt that their belongings were well protected with this option as they felt it protected well from water and crush damage. Perfect for those looking to ensure their belongings are very safe whilst travelling.

There are a couple of negative reviews for this suitcase but there are not many. These reviews are to do with quality issues due to scratches and scrapes. This is a fair negative although it should be mentioned that hard-shell cases do tend to get scratched due to the material. It is also possible that this could be due to the way the bag was handled in the airport.

Note that looking at reviews there were those that did advise going for a solid colour as they said that any scratches that may happen over time wouldn’t show up as easily.

Wrap Up / Next Steps

The American Tourister Air Force 1 is a high-end stylish bag that will easily stand out from the crowd. The colour fade from light to dark will help your bag to stand out from the crowd making it easily recognisable on airport carousels. The suitcase comes in three sizes so you will be able to find something to fit your needs. The smallest sized suitcase is a size that can be used as hand luggage on multiple airlines including RyanAir, EasyJet and BA. It is well designed with elastic cross-ribbons and a mesh divider with a zipped pocket to help you to keep your important items organised and in place.

Check out this fantastic bag for yourself on this dedicated product page and see a wide range of pictures from various angles including clear internal pictures.

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